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Boot Flex

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So, I just got a pair of Head Raptor 115 RS...I've never found a 130 boot to feel too stiff...the store just didn't have a 130, and to be honest, I thought the 115 felt pretty stout, at least compared to other "freeride" 130s.  My previous boot was a Salomon Ghost 130..then a Tecnica Diablo before that.   I haven't skied on the 115 yet, but I think (and hope) the flex is comparable to a lot of freeride 130s.  Would you say that is accurate?



Did I get enough boot..mainly ski a Line Influence 105 in a 186 and  4frnt Renegade...I'm using this boot mainly for off piste skiing...I ski aggressively...but I thought the 115 would probably be better for skiing mixed conditions, bumps, etc.. I'm 5'11", 160..and I don't spend much of the day laying trenches on groomers.

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Should be fine.
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