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A/T boot fitting

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finally got my lowas so I am having my skis mounted today!
(you ready harpo?!?)
curious though, I always have my alpine boots fitted. I would like to do the same with these, any suggestions/warnings?
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There is no difference between buying/fitting an AT boot from an Alpine boot -- not sure what the question is.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by matt_davis:
finally got my lowas so I am having my skis mounted today!
(you ready harpo?!?)
curious though, I always have my alpine boots fitted. I would like to do the same with these, any suggestions/warnings?

When I first got my Lowa Struktura boots, I did not get them fitted. BIG mistake. I paid dearly in terms of blisters and aching feet on my first tour out (unfortunately 3 days with not chance to bail). Then I got custom cork footbeds (ahhhhh), but I needed some work done to punch out the ankle area (my ankle bones site lower than normal). I tried them again on another 2 day tour and they worked much better, but still not perfect with still some slight rubbing and angry red beginnings of a couple blisters. So, I then had some custom thermo-formed Intuitive liners made, and, voila, perfection! (only problem now is that those liners are VERY warm, absolutely no chance of cold feet again, but can get sweaty on very warm spring days)

I'm now very curious about the new Struktura GTX 'cause they're a stiffer plastic...and I could use a stiffer better performing AT boot. I'm also wondering if the claim of thermo-form of the Goretex liner will work in them as well as Intuitive liners.
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thanks. I was curious whether to ski/tour on them first like I would with alpines.
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Skiingpres, the GTX is the same as the regular Struktura but w/ fancier buckliers and goretex liner. The stiffer version is the EVO, which has a regular tongue instead of the hinged version on the Struktura & GTX. (Ironically, the EVO is also a bit lighter, since the non-hinged tongue loses a few ounces.)
To stiffen up your Strukturas, try swapping in an old Raichle Flexon tongue:
I did this to my Garmont GSM boots, and it definitely made a difference.
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Hi Jonathan.I recently bought a pair of GSM´s and was wondering if Lou Dawson´s Lazer mod (flexon tongue) would work.
Have you done it?
Did the tongue fit right away?(gsm tongue seems not to go as far over the toes as the scarpa).
GSM have a "flat" buckle unlike the "cable" buckle of flexon-lazer boots.Does the flat buckle work OK with the ribbed flexon tongue?.
Check my post in the gear forum "rossignol rubber soled boots",you might be interested..
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MC, yes I did it -- see huge list of mods below. And buy a dremmel tool if you don't have one already. (Preferably multi-speed, as I've found the single speed runs a bit too fast for plastic.) The big problem is not the buckle, although I did grind have to grind down the inside of the tongue a bit to avoid too much pressure on the instep. The tricky part is the attachment point, so that it still overlaps the shell's protrusion and hence keeps out snow. The key is to cut off the excess portion of the lower tongue so that the higher section of the tongue is exposed -- whoops, or is that the lower section?!? E-mail me at to remind me to check my boots -- I did the first tongue the wrong way (although it's no great disaster), but then the second one I did *perfectly* (learning from my previous mistake!).


Garmont GSM Boots Mods

1. Threaded additional power strap through slots in rear shell. (Original power strap wraps around shell tongue for stiffness, while additional power strap wraps around liner tongue - yet under shell tongue - to bring liner tongue closer to shin.)
2. Replaced shell's soft foam heel insert with hard plastic insert.
3. Added large heel lift inside shell.
4. Added very small heel lift on top of that.
5. Replaced original tongue with Raichle Flexon race boot tongue. (See for instructions, but be warned that retrofitting is more difficult on Garmonts than on Scapas because of attachment point.)

1. Custom footbed.
2. Stretched shell's toebox (since I had to downsize on account of very low-volume feet).
3. Cut slits on outside of liner's toebox and cut stitching running up the center seam on front of toebox (ditto).
4. Placed ankle-wrap pads on outside of liner.
5. To accomodate high instep, shaved down plastic on outside of liner tongue, cut away some of liner's overlap w/ liner tongue, increased size of tongue-area cutout in lower shell, and ground down inside of instep area of retrofitted Raichle tongue.
6. Since heel lifts were putting heel too high in the shell's heel cup, expanded heel cup by grinding inside of liner. (Only very limited grinding though, since shell is extremely thin here.)

Yeah, I know, all this was a pain, but still less than what I had to do to make my Rossi race boots work for my funny feet, plus the end product is awesome!
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Thanks!.I´m currently looking for a pair of old flexons.Ideal would be completely thrashed for just the tongues,or reasonably cheap with a thermo liner in good condition.
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