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Question about clothing

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I use ski socks, thermal underwear, gloves, ski pants, ski jacket, gloves and helm.


At the end of my ski trip I seem to have these two problems present:


1.My feet ( specialy toes ) and my hands and fingers are cold.


2. My back is wet


I feel warm all over the body apart from the parts described in point 1.


So why are these problems present and what do you suggest I do to change them?

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Several things can cause cold feet in ski boots

1.  The boots are too big so you over-tighten the buckles to hold your foot down thus restricting blood flow

2.  The socks you have are too thick which restricts blood flow

3.  The liners are packed out and no longer have any insulation

4.  If your toes are white when you take off your boots, you have Reynaud's Syndrome and the only thing likely to help are boot heaters.


As for your hands, if your fingers turn white when your hands get cold, see #4 above.

1.  Try better quality gloves

2.  Try 3-finger gloves or mittens since they're warmer than gloves

3.  Try the hand warmer things you put in gloves or mittens.


I'm inclined to suspect Reynaud's.


Do you mean your back is wet inside the ski jacket?  If so, what kind is it?  Is it breathable and waterproof?  Is it insulated?  What do you wear under it?

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By thermal underwear you are meaning synthetic or wool, correct?

What temperatures are you skiing in?

Have you tried chemical hand warmers in zippered glove pockets?

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I didn't try chemichal hand warmers yet, I was skiint at around 0 temperature.


mt im not sure about white fingers and so, I will check next time. Not under the jacket, im wet under the thermal clothing, the skin itself from sweating.

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Originally Posted by iLoveSkiing View PostNot under the jacket, im wet under the thermal clothing, the skin itself from sweating.

Sounds like your base layer is not wicking very well and the moisture is getting trapped under a poor breathing jacket.

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Base layers should (ideally) be skin-tight.  If your lower-back is wet, your thermals may be too loose there and unable to wick since they're not touching.  If your whole back is wet, I would look into the material of the base-layer and the breathability midlayers/jacket.  Perhaps you need to remove a mid-layer to increase ventilation.  I try to be on the chilly side when standing around.  That way when you start moving you're not instantly overheating and sweating.


You may try drinking more water, and consuming more calories while exercising.  Dehydration can be a major issue and directly relates to vasoconstriction.  When your body decides to start conserving energy it can also start shutting down flow to the hands/feet as it maintains central-core priority.  Snack on high-calorie stuff and keep your metabolism high, and drink tons of water (hunger and thirst are both reduced by cold weather.)  You have to be proactive.


As a test, depending on your local weather, is to go out for long walk(or better yet, a run) some cold night, or a cold evening hike.  Get your blood pumping a bit.  Wear your ski clothes, but normal boots.  See if you still have foot issues when you're not using ski-boots.  Try with varying levels of clothing on, including on the hands.  Look for the signs of Reynaud's.  If you can go for a run in a pretty-cold environment in minimal clothing (base-layers, thin gloves, beanie, shorts, tennis shoes) while staying well-hydrated and not have issues then your heat-generation is okay and I'd look more closely at the gear.  I can play tennis (t-shirt and shorts) for hours in the 40s no problem once warmed up.  It was ~42 last Tuesday and I played for 2.5 hours (in the dark) but everyone is different.


If you go out well-hydrated and your run keeps you warm except for your hands/feet then that also gives you someplace to start.


But, personally, I would start with hydration and calories.  Those are cheap and easy to work on.

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