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Easiest Way Out of Langes

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This might seem like a strange post to some but I am looking for some advice on getting out of my Lange XT 130s.  Some background before the younger set starts howling that I should be in a softer boot.  I am in my 70s now, an ex teacher/racer/coach and still ski at a high level.  No problem skiing these boots and just love the fit and the way they ski.  I also bought the XTs because of the hiking feature and the treaded sole for safety in walking. 


So, why the problem?  8 years ago I contracted a rare and horrible muscle disease and lost 40 lbs of muscle in a week which left me quad with a feeding tube.  With much help and effort I have made a one of a kind recovery and can ski and do other active things well but the disease permanently destroyed a lot of muscle cells which cannot be regenerated.  My lower body came back better (maybe 65%+) than my upper body and arms/hands (maybe only 40-50%).


When the boots are cold is when I just don't have enough hand or arm strength to open them enough to exit the lower shell.  Lange's lower shell design is primo but not so easy to get in and out.  I have tried different techniques and as long as it is not too cold it is ok.  Of course, the obvious solution is go into the lodge and let them warm up but I am still impatient in my old age.  If that is the only way then so be it but I thought that some of the boot gurus might have worked with disabled skiers who had a problem getting in and out of their boots and might have a suggestion.  I know there are other boots that are easier to get in and out like some Tecnicas but I don't want to switch....maybe the next pair of boots.



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Stupid I know----but how about a hair dryer---carry one in your boot bag and mooch some electrons from the resort.----heat the front of the boot and voila!!!!!



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Good idea except there is a shortage of outlets where I normally day ski. 


Thanks and there are no stupid ideas.

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ok try this  (i think you might be able to buy this but if not have it made)


piece of steel plate about 400mm long by 100mm wide, have a piece of angle L cut with a notch that will fit round the back of the heel of the boot, then have it welded onto the end of the plate....needs to be 30mm (or a little over) so that the heel can slot under it..... stand on the plate, hook the heel under the angle and walk forward, the back of the boot is fixed so you should be able to walk right out


i know you can get something like this for taking off wellington boots etc, but why not ski boots


good luck, let me know if that doesn't make sense and i will try and draw it

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Great idea.  Had seen a boot remover for cowboy boots many years ago.  Found a similar device called skizmo last night that looks like it would do the job. Only place I found it for sale was in the UK.  Might try it if it can be sold to the USA. 



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Bill, but he time you buy one and have it shipped  (and get stung for the import duties)you might be cheaper having a blacksmith make you something up..... the one you have seen is a bit of plastic, not sure how long it will last with the level of boot being used

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