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Ski ID help

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Please help identify ski brand below. Is there any value to them and what is the importance if any of the engraved name. Obviously, all I can determine is they were made in Austria. I am not an avid skier, just trying to determine the value.


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possibly early Fischer or Kastle.   mire detailed(up close) pic of the tip emblem would help.  the engraved name is probably the name of the person who bought the skis.  personalizing by engraving the owners name was very popular in the 60's and early 70's. Also  worked as a theft deterrent.


value is highly dependent upon your location, length and condition of skis.  anywhere from $0 to $100 would be my guess.  I typically buy similar skis from $5 to $15 at my local thrift stores.  more info= better guesstimation :) 



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I would say Fischer Alu.

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Additional pics

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Logo looks like a variant of the Asnes.
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Asnes has the circle above the the crest and they primarily made Nordic skis.  if it is Fischer it would have to be pre 1958 as that is the introduction of the triple triangle logo.  I can not find a fisher logo pre triangle.  how early were the ALU series?  I thought mid to late 60's. and the font of ALU doesn't match the other Fisher ALU skis I've seen. maybe a small autrian maker later acquired by fischer.  could be how they acquired the "ALU" name?


good luck.



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The logo looks like the old Sears logo for their Othmar Schneider ski series from the late 60's.  They were built by Fisher for Sears.

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I also could not find a sears logo resembling the OP's skis.  maybe the logo changed.  the 700 and made in Austria are similar.  there may be more info underneath the bindings. just a thought.



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These skis belonged to Gail Kaechele from Starship  Enterprise! :D

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I would definitly say Dynastar... Why don't you send them yours pics?


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Thanks for all of your help.
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Already? Please tell us when you'll know what it is!

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