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whistler backcountry

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does anyone know any good backcountry access areas around whistler, preferably hiking distance from the lifts?
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From the top of Glacier chair and T bar there is a trail that will take you to an area that will be like a back country hike and still drop you in bounds. I'll try to get the particulars. Be ready for a 45 Min Stairmaster climb straight up however..
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From the top of the Showcase T-bar at Blackcomb, traverse across Glacier Bowl and climb to the ridge top. From here you can access Poop Ridge (across the valley from the stuff over Spankey's ladder), the Spearhead Glacier (Mellow -- hike back up out), or -- if you want the gnarlies -- Disease Ridge back to 7th Heaven. Or, there is always DOA!

From the top of the Peak or Harmony chairs at Whistler, take the Burnt Stew trail toward Symphony Bowl, traverse up onto the ridge, and go as far as you like. Piccolo, Boundary Bowl, Flute and Little Flute will allow you to do a traverse back to the road leading back to Harmony. If you go out to Oboe, Cowboy Ridge, or Fissel, you will likely want to exit via the Singing Pass trail to Whistler Base. It's ugly but arguably better than hiking back up over Flute.
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