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Racing gone Xtreme- you have heard of the Warrior dash, the mud run, Iron Man? Here comes an Xtreme race…On the ski slopes?? SkiXtremetm is proud to sponsor The Xtreme Vertical Challenge. Skiers will compete for 5hrs on a course with moguls, trees, steeps, and some Xtreme surprises, to see who can log in the most vertical as you can! As it is said anyone can do it once or twice, but can you do it all day long? All racers will start at the top and when the whistle blows its balls to the walls down this challenging ski course for 5hrs! You must go through the top gate and go through the bottom gate to register a run; anything can happen in a 5 hr race that can change the outcome staying sharp and having the athletic ability to relentlessly ski down for 5 hrs will be key! Racers will have priority at the ski lift over other skiers. This race is open to all skiers, but is recommended for good to advanced skiers! With both a men’s and women’s division. And to make it even more exciting competitors will compete for prizes Sunday March 9th 2014 at BLUE KNOB in Pennsylvania. Challenge your friends to see who is the most Xtreme or the dumbest skier on the mountain!Go to go to the vertical challenge link for registration and more info!