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DIY Bamboo Poles

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It seems like there is a resurgence of Bamboo poles of late. I'd love to give them a try, buy at the cost of new poles, I would think it would be cheaper to build my own. Bamboo canes are pretty cheap from building supply companies these days, and I wouldn't imagine there is any difference in the physical product. Has anyone else tried this as a DIY project?
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I've been thinking of converting some 30 y o XC poles to alpine. Have to work out how to attach an alpine point with a smaller i.d. than the bamboo pole o. d.

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I've had a quiet day here at the office, so I took a look at the Panda poles and Soul poles designs. They are both so simple, and the cost of materials so cheap, I'm shocked they actually get people the buy at their prices! Also makes me wond if there are other DIYers that wou be interested in buying cheap pole "kits" (assembly required, think Ikea wink.gif) since it would appear most of the cost is in labor and overhead. From the research I've done, it appears the cost for an initial pole would be:

Approx $3-5 for bamboo
$1500-2000 for grip molds ($1-3 per pair of grips cost after mold)
$1500-2000 for basket mold ($1-3 per pair After mold)

So all in all, relatively cheap start up costs if you are primarily packaging and selling the kits instead of assembled poles, provided the end user has basic shop skills to install grips and baskets with epoxy and screws.
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I know that, like lumber, not all bamboo is created equal. The garden stakes at The Depot are not the same stuff they use to make scaffolding in China I'd bet. This info should be worth at least another hour of googling to get you closer to quitting time :-)


I did some study way back and found that my 30 year old poles are from China just before it placed an embargo on their best stuff.

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Yep, I took a look at many of the bamboo suppliers around, prices vary, but still is pretty cheap. I may have been a little on the low side, but I'd estimate an "expensive" top quality bamboo pole to be around $2 per foot.
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I have had the same thoughts as Wooley.     


Turns out Liljedahl pole shafts fit nicely into Goode ferrules and handles - maybe a bit too loose. 

I fixed the looseness with steel wool embedded into 3M 5200 - maybe 5 grams total per pole.

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People have found great things to do with bamboo lately, with bamboo sheets and now bamboo poles. I'd be interested in those for sure
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