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New to XC skiing, gear ???

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I am new and therefore have purchased a pair of Fischer ski's at a garage sale this summer. It turns out that they are 6 years old, but in very good shape. The dilemma is that I can't find boots for them. I was told I needed NNN I type binding compatibility.

I searched Ebay and didn't see anything that specifically said NNN I. Is NNN the same thing? I know NNN II and NNN III are not. I really don't want to put out $160 for new bindings and the rest until I am sure I am going to enjoy this. I live in Illinois so the cold is not all that inviting, unlike the mildness of the west.

Thanks for any help!!
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Talk to someone at Erewhon. I used to work at the Bannockburn store (I assume those stores are still around) and got all my nordic stuff through them. They may have an employee near you or at the Madison store who could answer questions.

NNN means New Nordic Norm. I THINK this means that there is a bar on the top of the boot that clamps into a binding such as the Salomon Profil, which is very stable underfoot but requires the proper boot to work with it.

Prior to NNN, again, I THINK (it's been awhile) there was the three pin system which gave little side to side control. The Profil system has a raised ridge that fits into a corresponding slot in the sole of the boot to create great control. But, again, you need the boot that fits the binder.

Beware of cheap crap! Lots of nordic gear goes for cheap. And it may just suck on the trail. I've seen it first hand. people are happy cuz they spent only $50 then they get out on snow and they wish they had spent more on better gear.
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Yesterday as I was cruising around on my bike the thought hit me that Salomon Nordic Norm is SNN and that may be what I was babbling about above. It's been a while since I have thought about any of this stuff.

The NNN might be the three pin system.

I would still call Erehwon or some other good nordic shop. Erehwon's madison store is very nordic oriented. I'm sure they could answer any questions you may have.
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Three-pin systems are still alive and well, but for anything short of hard-core backcountry skiing, the two xc systems used are NNN and SNS, which are not only incompatible with each other but also incompatible with their own various derivatives.

For SNS, I know for certain that the original version is incompatible with the current versions (whether SNS BC, SNS Profil, or SNS Pilot, all of which are also incompatible with each, with the minor exception that Pilot boots will work w/ Profil binding, but not vice versa).

My *suspicion* is that original-NNN bindings are incompatible with current-NNN boots, but I could be wrong. Either way, you could verify this in a minute at any xc ski shop.

Assuming incompatibility, you could scrounge around eBay and ski swaps for a pair of original- NNN boots, but given how time consuming that might be, and given how cheap low-end xc gear is, you're probably just better off buying a package deal new at a shop.
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