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Early season Bavaria backcountry

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I am headed to Munich and hoping to do some easy backcountry skiing (pending snow/avalanche reports) as well as some on piste skiing in Germany/Austria.


If anyone is interested I'll be there Dec 22 to Jan 4.



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Hey Scott,


good to hear you are coming to Bavaria for backcountry. Unfortunately the Alps haven't gotten too much snow so far. So, good backcountry spots close to Munich are hard to find. But most of the ski resort are already open. Just let me know if you need some ideas for backcountry tours.





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Hi Ralf,


Yes, it seems the Foehn has not been kind :-).


We will probably stick to the resorts, or do a couple short "walk up the piste" mornings to get some exercise and make some long weekends in January/February.


I'd welcome any suggestions for easy tours in the area (we generally stay in Starnberg, but don't mind getting up early to drive a bit).



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eh Sir, do you mean Beieren oder Bayern?

To my knowledge Bavaria is the name of a beer brand.


Maybe you get lucky because a lot of snowfall is expected on the 2nd day of Christmass in the European Alps. Please let us know..

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