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Line Sick Day 95 186cm

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Length Tested: 186cm

Dimensions: 130-95-115 / 20 meter radius


Rossignol Axial bindings

Traditional Mount


Skied at Keystone Day 1

              Vail Days 2,3 &4

75K Vertical Feet Skied

Hardpack, packed powder, 3-4" fluff on packed pow conditions and soft Prima moguls. ;-)

New Owner



58 y.o.

6'2", 200 lbs.

37 year old-pro


Quiver previously consisted of K2 Obsetheds and Hellbents bridged by Head Mojo 94s....full length models ONLY!!!!



BUY THIS SKI !!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                    IT IS   THAT SIMPLE  !!!!!!!!!!!.


I had no muscle fatigue after four days of skiing, don't ask about my patellas.

These skis are simply so easy to ski that going into adjectives is useless.

They remind me of the original Rossi 4S of the late '80s, but with better edge grip.

They say it is a 20 meter turn.....easy to do even better.

Lightweight is probably why I had no fatigue, or the fact that 189 Obsetheds are planks! ;-)

3.5 inches shorter as well. The Rossi Axials are light as well and are flawless, and looks good too.


The new quiver is now up to these and Nordica Patrons.


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Would you say these skied fairly true to length?

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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post

Would you say these skied fairly true to length?

Well Line does not even measure true to length. From experience these are probably more like a 182.

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185 maybe, but long snow contact with a minimal tail rocker.

I had a pair of 180s that were not rockered, the Line seems to be longer than those, but about he same as the Head Mojo 94s I had for a while.

Is K2 crazy on length? I don't know.

I didn't find a speed limit, but they are light and still had energy at speed.

Did some straight-lining, maybe up to 50, and they were quiet.

Fast enough for a fun ski, but there has to be a speed limit I would think.


FYI My Patron 193s are shorter than my K2 189s.

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Originally Posted by snokat View Post

BUY THIS SKI !!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                    IT IS   THAT SIMPLE  !!!!!!!!!!!.


I second that.

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In action on lower Jade Glade yours truly

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Have you had a chance to ski blizzard bonafide, blizzard kabookie, or atomic theory's in comparison to the sick day? I bought a bonafide this year but my 42 year old mogul knee is taking a beating skiing the swing weight of Bonafide. It's a ripping ski but not a multiple day in a row one ski quiver for me. Is the line a fun, lively ski or just easy going and a little boring? Your review seems like it's not as fun as they advertise.
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I had been looking for a 95 +/_width ski since parting with my Mojo 94s a few years back, so I hadn't really been looking at anything else other than the Patrons since SierraJim's review.

I too was looking for lighter swing weights and some Tester Choice skis for my 58 y.o. patella tendons.

I finally sold my '10 Hellbents, so both pairs of K2s are gone now, but now I can fit the new quiver in one bag again. Lower profile tip and tail rocker make for much easier loading into the Dakine. Shaved some pounds in the process.

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Just tried my 186cm SD 95 for the first time today. I bought a bonafide(killer deal) and the sick day this year and will be trying them both as a one ski quiver. Today was sunny, firm, and fast with pretty good size firm moguls formed by skis a lot shorter than mine. The very first short run I was thinking that I want my 180cm bonafide instead, just because I remember the first time I skied this same run on them with a huge smile on my face. Strong, powerful, edgy is what the bones were. SD was smooth, not as grippy, felt all of the 186cm, something not quite right, YET. It only took me that one little run to figure them out and then the fun started. Smooth, energetic, very stable, and great edge grip became apparent after a run or two. Definitely quicker edge to edge than the Bones, more playful at slower speeds, doesn't require as much speed to have fun on them. A very strong feeling ski with no speed limits.

I absolutely loved the ski in everything that I skied today, fast hard groomers, nasty iced up crud that nobody else was skiing, and just flying. Short turns, long turns, all turn shapes were awesome. You can relax but you can also drive it hard, it does what you want it to do with a smile.

I only have one area that it left me a little perplexed. Those big hard moguls, and trust me I ski a lot of bumps. I have older JJ's, ak JJ's, older Kendos , and my new Bonafides that the sick days are competing against. I have been just ripping the bumps on my Bonafides, very consistent, smeary, easy and a blast in bumps. The SD wasn't as easy, they felt longer than the Bones which they are and definitely stiffer in the tails. I'm sure it's the the extra length, extra rebound, and progressive flex pattern that makes the difference. The Bonafide is extremely smooth and medium flexing IMO. It made me wishing I would have bought the 179 SD, but that was just today. I even jumped on my 177cm Kendo for a few runs and found the kendo a little easier in the bumps too. ODD I know, something I wasn't expecting out of the SD.

I'm 6'1" 178 lbs and I figured the 179cm would be to short if buying this ski as a one ski quiver ski for packing on vacations/day trips where multiple skis aren't an option. I didn't find the ski too long in anything else today so will wait to weigh my opinion to strongly in moguls. We need snow bad! Other than that I loved it, easier on my bad knee than the Bonafides with just as much fun if not more.

Sorry for long review:D
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While it may be considered bad technique try lifting the tails slightly and being more slinky through those bumps, don't lift the tails like you a lot of people doing just feather them off the snow a bit down the back of the bump as your coming off the top and trust that the tip will bend for you, it will.


186cm is kinda long, I feel the same about the icy bumps, takes some getting used to, not fully trusting them in that condition but there's so many other things the ski does well that I forgive will hold.


Just trust the ski and let her rip, I found she works better this way.

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Do you own the sick day? How tall and how much do you weigh and what length did you try? It almost felt like my kendo in a longer length and I know that sounds crazy. I was expecting the rockered tip and tail to be much more absorbent than it was in the bumps based on how much I loved the bonafide in them. The shovel may be soft but the rest of the ski is not, at least in that longer length. But I did not have the bonafide with me yesterday to test in exact same bumps so will definitely keep trying them. I just hope I didn't buy too long, I spend a ton of time in bumps but maybe it's time to give my knee a break and cut them back, lol. The 179cm sick day was shorter than my 177cm non rockered Kendo so figured no way I could go that short for any kind of a deeper day.
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I'm 5'9" 145lbs. I've got the 179cm. 186 for bumps is kinda long imho, I have a bit of trouble w/the 179 in tight bumps. Wide skis aren't made for that, no way around it.


Idk, I think 186cm in wide open terrain, fast skiing is fine...bumps another ski more narrow would be better.


I think the tip is soft, tails fine, you don't want something softer on icy, cruddy, frozen slough in the backcountry, I don't want my ski to give way in that stuff. Flex is medium soft tip imho to medium firmish tail.

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Going to play around with it today up in Whitewater, BC along with my JJ. They have had some fresh snow this week so should be great bumps and everything else. I have 30lbs on you plus a little height so 186cm should be the right size, I always think if I'm on a 186cm then what do the big boys ride, lol?
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Much better yesterday in fresh bumps and leftover powder stashes but I honestly can't say that I wish I would have bought the 179cm instead. Ya sure on a deeper day if that was the only ski I had with me then the 186cm would be great but there is no way that the 179 isn't just an absolute blast in every other aspect. At least I bought them from a place with great policies but I don't think there are any 179cm left to buy anywhere, that's the hot length.

And by the way, I skied my four year old 185cm JJ's for the first half of the day and there is just never a bad day on a JJ!
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