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FS: Blizzard Bonafide with or without Look Pivot bindings

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I have a nice pair of Bones in 180cm that I am putting up for sale.  I bought them new from Starthouse a couple years ago.  The original design on the top sheet is the best one IMHO, otherwise they haven't fixed what isn't broken so they ski like the new ones.


I've had broken bones (no pun intended) the last two seasons and I have a 6-ski quiver so this middle, do everything, ski doesn't get much use and I'm just trying to get rid of some overlap.  I didn't keep track the first season but I skied it 4 times last season and I'd guess 5-6 times the season before.  With the injuries I usually ski half days.


I've had them ground once and tuned 0.7/3 by Podium in Park City (they are one of the best in the US) but there are some surface scratches on the bases, no welds or p-tex ever.  Not enough to re-grind.   On top there is a very small cosmetic chip in the top sheet that was expertly repaired with West Systems G-Flex epoxy tinted black.  You really have to look to find the repair, I included a close-up photos (photo #3 and #4).  These skis have 2.5 sheets of metal and wood core so I doubt they feel different from brand new ones (except for the superior tune).


I wax every time out and keep them sharp, summers had storage wax.  I dry my skis every time and don't carry them on an outside rack.


I mounted them with Binding Freedom inserts for Pivot/FKS on the line for a 320 BSL.  












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I'm sorry to hear about your broken bone mishaps and the implications for enjoying this great sport.


I skied a 166cm Bondafide for a few hours last year and was contemplating buying some 173 Bonafides for this season.  I may be interested in your skis and bindings but have  a couple concerns : 1)  My boots have a bsl of 326 which may be too big for your binding as currently mounted?  I assume moving the mounting position a mere 6 mm may not be feasible?

2) I generally like to ski off piste and think the 180 length may be great for the chopped up crud; however, I also like to ski moguls and needing all the help I can get I am concerned 180s may be a bit too long for me.  I am 5' 9" and 165lbs and currently ski 167 K-2 Apache Recons.  My skiing typically consists of a couple weeklong trips to UT, WY, or CO and I would likely only take one pair of skis with me.


Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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I am 5'10", 165-170lbs and they never seem too long. The first day I skied them there was about a foot of new And I feared I went too short. On groomers and hard bumps I decided they are just right.

I've skied a friend's 187s and loved them for one run. The ski feels short in soft snow and longer on hardpack. They are really easy to turn.

I don't know enough about you to be sure but 180 sounds right for your size. There are a lot of threads about sizing these.
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326 bsl will be close but I think they will work. Without a boot I can't be sure. Pivots don't have a ton of adjustability but I think 10mm forward and back is ok.

My current boots are 316 and I still have room to go forward a bit. Any techs here that might want to weigh in?
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Any thoughts on whether the bsl/binding difference can be resolved and if so how?


Also, what are the sidecut dimensions on this ski?  If I remember correctly on the new Bonafides the tip/tail gets wider with length.

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135 98 118, radius 21 meters.

You can read it on the tail in the photo.

When I get back to Utah on the first I could take a photo of the heal adjusted all the way out with my 320 bsl boot in there...

Or you could mail a boot to me?

My neighbor is a big guy with two big kids. I could check their boots...
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I've installed a few sets of bindings but my experience is limited and quite dated.  The Marker Mod 14.0 on my current skis have a plate rail system that allows some adjustabilty fore/aft of the heel piece and can be adjusted to safely accomodate a modest range of BSL.  Other bindings I've installed had a gauge in the heel piece and when you clicked the boot into the binding it showed whether the installation was in the safe range for that BSL. 

I am not at all familiar with the Look binding.  In the absence of an adjustment on the binding for BSL, I'd be concerned about safe release even if a 326 BSL can be clicked into the binding.   When you get back to UT perhaps your neighbor has a 326 BSL and you can give it a try.  Hopefully there is a gauge on the Look binding that would show whether that BSL / binding install position is in the proper range for safe release.


Perhaps someone with Look binding expertise can weigh in here.


In the mean time, if someone else offers to buy your skis please do not pass up an opportunity to sell them on my account

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There is not a gauge on the Pivot/FKS bindings.  They have approximately 7-8mm of fore and aft adjustablitity from center.  They were installed in the middle at 320 so they should, theoretically, be good for a 313-327mm BSL.   You screw the arms equally and check the tab for forward pressure.  Here is their manual, see page 21:



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Thanks for the link to the manual.  Page 18 describes the forward pressure adjustment and refers to alignment of white/yellow tabs to get in the ballpark followed by some additional fine tuning by hand.  I also found a recent thread in the Tuning & Maintenance forum regarding the Look Pivot bindings.


2 weeks, 6 days ago
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I often drill skis/install inserts for Pivots without having the bindings or sell the bindings mail order so here's the instructions I send out with the skis:


The extending arms have 3 knurled bands on them. The two outer ones are the upper and lower limits. The centre one is the ideal.

Extending the arms eases off the forward pressure and shortening the arms increases it.

A maximum of 8mm adjustment can be made between the two outer bands so when mounting set the template length to your exact boot sole length.

The target should be to have the sloping indicator at the rear of the base plate in line with the notches but this is very often inaccurate so the best method/test is to set the forward pressure so that when the heel piece lever is slowly raised (with boot installed) it gets to half-way and then it ‘snaps’ up. Once the boot is fully locked in there shouldn’t be able any lateral movement at the heel.


According to Jon there is a maximum range of 8mm adjustment.   If your binding is adjusted in the middle of this range it may be questionable  as to whether or not it will accomodate an additional 6mm of BSL.  Let me know what you find when you get back to Utah.

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I got a friend's 325mm BSL boot just now and it is a hair too big so a 326 definitely won't work without a re-mount.  You'll either have to re-drill or downsize into smaller boots which a lot of people should do anyway.

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Thanks for checking this.  I just bought new boots and its a very tight fit.  If my BSL was a bit larger redrilling would likely work but with the larger diameter of threaded inserts a new hole would likely result in a mount too big for my boot.


I'm sure someone with the right boot size will want to buy your skis.

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I've had several emails about the bindings.  Thanks, but I'd rather keep them and use them on other skis if they don't sell as a package.

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sorry but I didn't see a price?

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Sorry, they are sold.

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No prob I already bought something
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