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Cebe Freeride helmet

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I have tested one Cebe Freeride helmet and it´s realy nice! I wonder wich size to choose if my head measure 57,5cm and the sizes available is 56,58 and 60? Is it possible that size 56 will fit when i´ve used it a little bit? I am afraid that size 58 will be to large ,even though it´s feels perfekt when i try it at the dealer.

Any suggestions?
Best Regards
Cosmai :
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If it "feels perfect", what more is there? How it feels is how it is -- helmets are not like boots that pack out.

Just make sure it does not wiggle around, it shuld stay firmly in place but still be compfortable. No one can really give you advice here -- it's a matter of how well it fits your head and that takes trying a lot of them on.
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