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I have an MFD alltime switch plate with Salomon STH10 bindings on it. I will be using these skis primarily for the season. I would be primarily doing resort skiing but I am considering buying skins to venture into additional terrain. I do have a pair of powder skis(Salomon Czars) which I bought off of someone and they have Marker Schizo bindings on them. My dilemma is whether to mount the switch plate on the Travelling Circus ski and buy skins later in the season when there is more snow on the ground. Or just mount the bindings on the Czar and set the schizos aside(they have wide brakes).

I live in Toronto(Ontario) and I realize there isn't much in the terms of backcountry. But if it does snow enough there are lots of ravines and small forests, as well as forested areas outside of the city. I would be looking for interesting little features to ski, but I wonder if its worth having the extra weight of the switch plate on the ski when I am at the resort. Now if it would more appropriate to bootpack, since most of the lines won't be up hills that are too steep(thanks for being flat Ontario). 

I would mount the Czar with another pair of bindings later in the season and I would use them if I can get out to visit my friend in Revelstoke. I don't think the Czars would be of much use here, although we have been getting some decent snowfall.

All opinions and advice is appreciated I will listen to all pros and cons. 

My main concerns are, the weight of the plate while I'm skiing at resorts, how the bindings will perform for skiing switch etc. I am not much of a park skier, but I am not opposed to learning. Would the switch plate hinder my performance in the park? I primarily want to ski this ski all over the mountain from groomer, to ducking in the trees and occasional runs in the park.