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A Longer Powder Ski

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As a skier of 6'11" and 260 lbs I'm seeking a playful, powder ski to replace my Nordica Patron's (193cm).  I've loved riding the Patron's on a daily basis over the past two years, primarily at Alta/Snowbird (80-days per year) and Niseko but often wish for an extra 10cm on deeper days.  I also ski the Nordica Girish (193cm) for crud and firmer snow days which feels great length wise except in bumps or tight trees.  I do like the feel of a rocker/camber/rocker profile but could sacrifice some tail rocker for a greater running edge.
I have the opportunity to pick up a pair of 2012/13 Line Influence 115 (192cm) for a great price and was wondering if these would fit somewhere between my Patron and Girish? (ie a longer skiing Patron).  Other ski's I'm considering are Line's Mr Pollard’s Opus 193, Atomic Automatic 193 and Blizzard Gunsmoke 193.  With the maximum length offered for the above skis at 192cm does anyone have any thoughts on which would ski "longer"? 
I was also considering the 4FRNT Devestator 194 as a charger replacement for the Girish, thoughts?  Unfortunately, it's rare to find anyone carrying the 190+ lengths available to demo.
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They're a bit wider than I'm looking for.  This will be a ski that I ride the majority of soft days until including groomers until it gets too firm to bother going off trail.

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Here is an idea that seems like a natural for you......


Nordica makes the Vagabond and El Capo (107mm wide) in 193 and these skis measure loooooong so a 193 is really about a 196. These also have much less tip rocker than the Patron and very little tail rocker so they will both ski longer than a Patron. The Vagabond is built like the Patron and the El Capo has metal top and bottom. Those models (may) be a little hard to come by in that size but it seems like exactly what you are asking for.



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Thanks SJ for your suggestion of the El Capo. This ski seems like it would make a good "one ski quiver" for me. Would you say it leans more towards feeling like a more manoeuvrable Girish or a more directional Patron with a longer running edge (minimal tail rocker)?

I get the feeling the the El Capo would make an ideal replacement for my Girish in a two ski quiver. Any thoughts on the 2012/13 Line Influence 115 as a replacement for my ageing Patron considering the killer deal I can get on these?

Or would the Opus, Gunsmoke or Automatic be better options for a longer, stiffer ride but still with that surfy feel I get on the Patron's (if that make sense).

I've heard that the Opus is softer than the Patron but appears less rocketed in the tail. How would you say the Gunsmoke or Automatic compares?
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If you are looking for more surfiness and agility on deep days, here is something you might want to consider: length gets you "stability", but width gets you "float". And in soft snow, rocker gets you agility. Similarly, concentrating the surface area, relatively, closer to the foot, gives you more balanced control in powder. 


For my .02, at your size and weight, consider a 196 cm Praxis Protest (my choice for what you describe) or something in the same very general category - fatter, five pointy, and long enough to make sense for someone your size. And FWIW, the Protest (and other skis aiming to do similar things) have reasonable enough running lengths to get the job done well enough when you need it (though certainly not a firm snow ski...). Plus you could order a custom stiffer layup if you wanted. Recent review here:


As it It has almost no meaning in powder or slush, I am curious what your concern with running edge is?  

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The El Capo would make a fine OSQ and is closer to the Girish. It is not the soft, playful floater that the Patron, is but it has more skills in it's tool kit. The Line 115 is a pretty beefy ski when compared to the Patron and not really a similar replacement. The MPO is a pretty soft overall ski in general and that, the GS or the Automatic would make reasonable replacements for the patron but I'm not sure that it makes a ton of sense to have the Capo and one of those others. I think I'd suggest getting the Capo, ski it for a while and then see if you really feel the need for something else, I sorta doubt that you would.



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Another vote for Praxis.  Protest or if not comfortable with the the width (no reason as I suspect you would love it)  drop to a GPO @ 116 under foot.  Talk with Keith to see if it should be a full custom ski or not.  Another skis I really like for what you have mentioned is the Dynafit Huascaran @ 196.  Which is a lot of ski and really fun.  DPS RPC is another one @ the magic 115hmm under foot for me.


I ski a few 190+ skis.  But would also suggest going wider (115 min) before I would go over 200cm again.

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