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Tucks report

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It's ready!

The rain/snow/wind event 24th-26th has finally filled Hillmans, east snowfields, the 2nd & 3rd gullies of GOS, and the bowl in nice as noodles.

It's still slabby and as unstable as a fresh cow-pie (considerable), but the temps this week will fix that goodly.

See ya up theya
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Looking to make my 1st trip up there in the spring.My work schedule likes mid March. How do you think conditions may be at that time of year?
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my grandma used Tucks for haemorrhoids, said they work pretty well
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Hey- Skied tucks last year during mid-april. It was a huge snow year and everything was in sweet shape. Maybe we can organize a mini bears meeting at tucks this spring? I have some video of it, i'll see if i can get it online. Any one else up for a mini meeting at tucks? [img]smile.gif[/img]


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I'm probably going in late March or early April. I went May 18-19 last year. I'd like to go early enough to be able to skin up the trail and ski down Sherburne.
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