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Trim skins or not?

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I've recently came out of the Dark Ages and got my first pair of shaped tele-boards. I've been having a discussion with friends in the locker room about skins for shaped skis, and as you can imagine, everyone has an opinion, and no two are the same.

The question is: Do you buy skins just a hair narrower than the waist (110mm-82mm-100mm ski, with 80mm skins), or do you get them to fit the shovel and tail and trim the entire lenght to fit the shape? We "geeked" the discussion looking at the skis surface area, and it appears that if you trim the waist, you might come up with an extra 5% of surface area. I'm not sure that is worth the extra work, and knowing my handiwork, I'll most likely dork-up the job and end up with $100 of adhesive backed crap. It also means you have a pair of skins that are dedicated to only one pair of skis with a pariticular shape.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Unless you are using 1 pair of skins for several different skis, I am a big advocate of getting wide skins and cutting them to shape your ski (use the edge of the ski as a guide so you don't hack them up, shifting them extra far to the side when cutting so when you center them the edges are not covered). On my skis (which are fat skis) I get a lot more than 5% extra coverage. The only downside is that you then have a bulkier set of skins to put in your pockets or in your pack. A good trade off IMHO for a big increase in skinning traction. But don't go overboard, I suggest matching the width no more than 1.5 or 2 feet in front of the boot toe (at the tip there is so little weight on the ski that it doesn't really grip anyway). If you don't have the skin close to the edge for a good portion of the center of the ski, you will get little traction traversing up hardpacked slopes.
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yeah, what he said!
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Those little plastic/razor blade envelope openers work really well for trimming skins.
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suggestion to me was to select a width at orjust a hair narrower than the width of the tail of the ski.
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that would probably work, i wanted to go with a bit narrower than the tip of my new skiis, but i couldnt find any that wide. Got a pair of 120 mm g3 skins that are 3mil narrower than the tail of my skiis and am pretty happy with them.
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