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Any Pointers?

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Another season has started and would like to try and improve my skills with some lessons and pointers. I know the images are poor. Anything good or bad,don't hold back I've got thick skin,thanks.

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At the edge angles you're creating in the first two pictures, you may find that a wider stance will help you out, and allow you to engage the inside ski a little more. Not saying your stance width there isn't functional, just that a slightly wider stance may be even more functional if you're comfortable with it.


Also, in the first couple frames, it appears that your outside hand is dropping somewhat. I could be wrong based on the photos, but if I'm giving pointers, I'd like to see that outside hand move up from next to your hip, and I'd like to see the elbow of your outside arm out to the front of the torso, not behind it. Similarly, in frame two, I'd like to see the inside hand further from your hip as well, and leading more into your turn. Ideally, you should be able to see your inside hand enter your field of vision as you initiate the turn, just at the bottom of your goggle frame.


Overall, I see what appears to be some solid skiing based on the pictures. Some minor tweaks here and there to polish it up a bit. If you can show some video, I'd be happy to tear that apart, lol.

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Thanks for tips 919. A glaring hand issue no doubt and I will address that next session. Perhaps tomorrow with a minimal amount of new snow in the forecast. :(  Try to obtain video also for you to feast on.;)  Maybe I should try Snowboarding I hear it's easier.

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Dude, don't start snowboarding, unless you want to add it to your repertoire.  You have some good stuff going, just a few tweaks will take you to the next level. 


I wish there was a pic of you just after the fall line, as pic one and two are before or at apex and the third is closer to transition.  You hands, btw, in pic 3 are pretty good - elbows in front of chest, hands wider than elbows and wrists out.  Not bad there. 


Notice pic three.  See where you are looking?  Try not to look at where you are going but where are you are going next (two turns ahead).  This will help you keep a stronger inside half, meaning, lead with the inside foot, hip and shoulder. In pic three you'll notice that your left foot, hip and shoulder are behind the right (opposite of what you want).   This will keep your from rotating your torso and shoulder into the turn and help you stay on that outside foot. In the race world they call that square, in the instruction world we call it counter.  Either way, you want your skis, hips and shoulders to be lined up on the same plane.  Do you see in pic three that your skis are going a different direction than than your waist and shoulders?  This will help you incorporate big muscles to help manage the forces (angulation).  Fix that and you are off to the races, literally.  Keep at it! 

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I like the frame that you are creating with your arms (hands slightly outside the elbows, nice wide "bear hug"), but it needs to be brought up some.  Try getting your hands and elbows up and out in front of you (as opposed to down closer to your sides).  Elbows should be out in front of your upper body and your hands should be in front of and slightly outside of your elbows (the angle created by your biceps and forearms should be slightly obtuse).  This will allow for more efficient and effective pole touches, and will also help you in staying out of the backseat.

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Hey guys wanted say thanks  for the good info. Went up today and worked on a better hand positioning and wider stance. The hands really made a difference in moving ahead getting on that outside ski early. The wider stance also improved performance. Skied alone so no video yet. Heading for that next level.Thumbs Up 

Beautiful day to ski.

My favorite ski lift.

Ski amenities are nearby.

Working on that open stance.

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That looks like a pretty fun mountain.  Where is that, if I can ask?  I love the fact that your location in your profile is "Born again skier".  I feel that way everyday.  Never stop learning, man. 


Hey, I thought about you, oddly enough, today in a clinic.  We did a drill that I believe will benefit you.  Simply take both poles and touch them down the hill and then turn.  This will you open you up to the fall line and help you separate your pelvis from you lower body to your upper body.  Be nice and smooth, make sure both poles are downhill and make sure you just touch, THEN turn.  Let us know how it goes. 


Have fun!

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I will try that drill today along with a few others. Upper/Lower body separation. What a difference a few small body movements make,especially the hands. Your so right,never stop learning. Make every turn count. Mt.Bachelor,Oregon is my local hill. It has a family friendly terrain. Snow storm heading our way.:)

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