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My demo days for the 2013-14 season: enduro, crimson and others to come...

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14 of december: First demo of the season at Tremblant!

Beginning of season but good snow coverage: hardpack but not icy, mix of well groomed, frozen 3D snow and 1.5 feet of fresh snow... -32°C (-25°F) (Still have marks on my face...)

Me: 210 pounds; 6 feet; advanced.


The Salomon Enduro XT 850 and 800:


Started with the xt 850 in 177 cm. Really easy to ski on well groomed hardpack, nice carving and good edge hold... Also nice in crud (due to tip rocker?) and ok in 3D frozen snow... During the test, I felt like the skis were to short for me ( Since the beginning of the season, I'm mostly on my Speed course ti in 183), must be due to the rocker that is not just a small tip rocker. Talked to the nice Salomon girl and they switch me to the XT 800 in 184: I founded it too soft for me. It's like the plus of the adding lenght was canceled by the more soft flex...but I could see that I could have been much happier on the 184 XT 850. They didn't had one...



The Atomic Nomad Crimson Ti:


Tried it in 178 cm after the Enduro. WOW! Had almost too much fun on this ski! Really different ski than the precedent versions (that I didn't like very much). Really fun carver that you can charge without worrying about the edge hold! It has a very soft flex at the tip but a much stiffer tail; sidewall underfoot and cap for tip and tail... So at the begining, you have to get used to see the tip going all over the place but the strange thing is that you don't feel like the tip is going all over the place..instead, you feel solid...so it is a little strange but you forget about it when you stop looking at the tips... :-) 

It is also very nice in crud and 3D snow, has more than enough flotation for here. On icy spots, you can see that it loose some of it carving fun factor...I think it need a minimum of snow softness so the soft flex tip can engage... I wanted to buy this ski!!!!


Day after: had almost a foot of fresh snow overnight... I go back and the guy at the shop let me try it again in those conditions... I expect them to be even more magical... but no!!!!   The main problem appeared in the bumps...it took me a while to figure out what was wrong... I had trouble with drifting, the edge underfoot were agressive and always wanted to engage and not always at the best times...:-(

I now thing its because of the combinaison of the very soft flex tip and the sidewall underfoot / tip and tail cap construction... In bumps, the soft tip give in easily and does not allow me to control the edge engagement: the tip gives in to easily and when I arrive to the sidewall construction underfoot, bang! too much edge! I skied those bumps more easily on my speed course ti...



Of the 2, because I am a big part of the time doing bumps, I think I would prefer the XT 850 in 184 cm... but I will have to ski them in bumps first...

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You'll probably never find an Enduro 850 at 184cm.   I've tried for years and wish you luck.


I've been skiing on the 177's for several years and am crazy about them, but they steer such quick, tight turns that I can imagine skiing faster with a more stable, longer version at 184.


(I'm 58 years old and only 150 lbs, but ski very fast.)



How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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Everything with less than 98 mm underfoot is easier to find here in the east... ( we have to have some advantages...)  :-)

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New demo!

Tried on icy hardpack with 7-8 cm of fresh snow:

  • 2014 Fischer progressor 900 in 175cm: WOW! I just loved the snow feel on those skis!!! Pretty fast skis edge to edge duu to the dual radius I think... Great grip on ice...Not sure about the power put could verify it to my satisfaction cause my right foot was injured... Want to have one!


Tried on icy hardpack covered by 25 cm of fresh snow:

  • 2015 Blizzard x-power 810 ti in 181 cm: fun ski but one notch under what I like in term of power...they're like my M-Power 8.7 but with more finesse and less beef... Prefer my M-power FS 8.7 especially in crud... I think they are more like the 2013 M-Power 8.5 fs with flipcore...

  • 2015 Blizzard Brahma in 180 and 187 cm: I bought a pair of Bushwaker in 180 the first year it arrived...and hated it! Tried the Brahma expecting to hate it...but loved it!!! especially in 187 cm... Carving medium to gs turns on fresh snow, ice and crud, bumps, trees, name it! Those were perfect conditions for the Brahma! My favorite for the day! Its like a g-power all mountain... almost...In crud: still prefer my M-Power... A touch more nimble in 180 but way more stable in 187...

  • 2015 G-Power: really liked it! nice balance of power and ease of use...Tried them in icy bumps covered with couple of inches of snow: doable but grippy! I guess that if it had not snow, I would have seen more difference between the G-power and the Brahma... Favorite #2!

  • 2014 Nordica Spitfire pro in 176: Really nice too! If the Fire arrow 84 edt and the radical 9 SL were to get together and have a child, it could be the Spitfire pro! Really felt like a mix of the 2: a 84 edt with a short radius...would have loved to demo it in better conditions...

  • 2014 Nordica 84 Pro: better than the 84 edt for bumps and fresh snow...but the edt is better in all the rest... Also, the edge hold is not what you could expect...same problem with my edt, even at 3° bevel...

  • 2014 Rossignol Experience 88: too mushy for me, they should do a version with the same construction that the 98...no edge hold on ice...

  • 2014 Rossignol Sin 7: first time I try a ski like that... Didn't like it at all...so much prefer camber!

  • 2014 K2 Amp Rictor 82 in 177: the design of that ski look a lot like the 2014 Crimson Ti... and I definitly prefer the later...don't know what else to say about that ski...that tells you everything...


Same conditions as above but also skied in trees and outbounds and also on a rainy day:

  • 2014 Volkl Mantra in 184: Wow! What a ski for big fast turns!!! They ski fast!!! Nice on hardpack, ice and fresh snow. Love  them in trees, also nice in bumps. Tried them out of bounds in very tight trees and with floffy snow up to under the knees and most admit that it will take me more time  to feel more confident on those skis in these conditions... I'm giving myself up to the end of next season... Love it!
  • 2014 Rossignol Experience 98 in 180: Also Wow! But in a different way... This ski is more easy to handle and feel confident on than the Mantra: better in crud but the Mantra is better in fresh snow and icy conditions. And I feel that I would have felt the same even if I had skied the experience in 188...Really nice in bumps, crud, trees and hardpack ( for a 98 mm)...Fun ski, love it!
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