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Whats with Tina Maze this season?

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You guys that watch ski world cup, what do you reckon is wrong with Tina Maze this season, last season she was absolutely out of this world, far ahead of everyone and breaking records left and right, this season however she is not even a shadow of herself from last season.

The most interesting thing is that on some few ocassions she showed she still has it and had brilliant runs, however most of the time she was strugling with herself mostly it seems.

So what do you think is wrong with her? Psychological or something else?

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Somthing hasn't been right. But she looked pretty good in St Moritz GS when she endes up on the podium with Jessica Lindelli Vikarby and Tessa Worley. She sort of sent the message "don't count me out yet". Wouldn't be surprised if she's on the podium in Sotchi.

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Her ski team is bereft of funding, and that relates to training.  Give her time.    I think she is still skiing with the same equipment, so it isn't like she has to dial anything in. 

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Quant luckily that's just a rant which goes through pretty good in media. In reality, it's far far from truth, and reasons are somewhere else. One of reasons is, that her previous coach Livio Magoni left team on end of previous season (he's head coach of Italian women tech team now), and she didn't connect really good with new coach. Andrea Massi (officially her coach, boyfriend and team leader) is really good with hmm... what's right english word for this... condition? physical training? but he doesn't know much (at least for this sort of level of skiing) about skiing (he was never skiing coach), and he knows that, so he leaves this things to people who have right knowledge. Tina is a bit complicated person, so even if current ski coach is good (to be honest I have no idea if he is or not), if she doesn't connect with him, it;s not going to work for her. And for now, there was few clashes and misscommunications between them, so in my opinion it's one of main reason. Other thing is, it's not realistic to expect she will do as good as she did for another year or 3. You get some advantage, but others will do everything to change that, so it's simply not possible to keep going for long time being so dominant.

But no matter what, "not getting money from ski federation" is definitely not reason, as she get's A LOT from ski federation (basically she get's about 15% of whole Slovenia alpine ski team budget, that includes budget for WC teams, EC teams, junior teams, kid teams etc.) even if in media things are presented different ;)

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But she can't be so bad just because of a coach, she knows how to ski, I just can't imagine that she would be so much worse because of that. And she has flashes of brilliance between, its just weird.

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Prior to this season I predicted that she would be either the best again (if she´d be able to draw on the amount of traning she had had for 12/13 and on her psychological advantage based on her previous prevalence and victories) or by far not so good because the 12/13 season must have used up so much of her resources that there´s little left – that 2414-point-season is impossible to repeat. I thought both scenarios were realistic.


Which would have been a fairly simple prognosis if there were no personal changes like those primoz describes and no gear challenges.


The latter may play some role regardless of excellent skis and set-up she had last season. Last year was the first one with new skis and there must be permanent development and testing everywhere resulting, maybe, in improvement in other brands with fatter budgets. This may be – I don´t say it is, just my speculation, one of the reasons.


As to the switch of coaches this is, I believe, the main reason. The more so Tina is "a bit complicated person“, as primoz puts it with respectful loaylty.


There´s an example we have here as well and both girls even know each other quite well.. Our 2007 SL world champ and Vacouver olympic medalist Sarka, formerly Zahrobska, now Strachova broke 2009 with her father and coach who had always been the only one in care of her.


The first season without him under his former assistant was still fairly OK including her win in the Aspen WC SL and Olympics but she saw and felt that the guy was not the expert to coach a top alpine skier.


She then hired a respected coach of the 80s, Pavel Stastny, later the headmaster in Stratton Mountain School. They spent two pathetic seasons together with the result of her almost losing the WCSL 30.


The next guy to save her has been an Austrian coach Mayrhofer. Unfortunately, in the two WC slaloms this fall she was 54th (OK, the wind in Levi) and 18th – the worst season start ever since December 2002.


It seems that the loss of her successful father-coach is having devastating consequences. That´s also why I can well imagine the scope of problem Tina might be experiencing.


Otoh, there´s nothing she would have to prove to anything, at least not on the WC tour. One or two golds in Sochi would be probably more important for her than "just another“ WC which, sadly, only insiders appreciate enough. So she might be focusing on Sochi. Otoh, maybe not and she might be pretty nervous by now and her team not exactly smiling.

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Another great race from her, hot and cold should be her new nickname.

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Originally Posted by iLoveSkiing View Post

Another great race from her, hot and cold should be her new nickname.

Pimroz believes the odd results come from a coaching change (he is much closer to all this stuff), the conventional wisdom of the press is team funding, but she is certainly hitting the podium again.
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