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Head TT 80 176 cm

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I acknowledge that this ski would appeal to a small percentage of skiers reading the posts on Epic. But I just came back from 4 days at Vail after getting it out over Thanksgiving here in Pa. and absolutely love this ski .

You can buy (176 cm only) at Level Nine Sports for $ 237! Ok, it's a 2011 68 mm waited ski that many would think would be better served placed in a time capsule . Current ski design has done a tap dance on this old Head technology. But if you love to ski short to mid , heck even longer turn radius on the 176 cm on groomed snow you will not be disappointed. I felt the ski was very quick edge to edge with a lot of energy out of the turn. Skied some pretty easy bumps and really liked them .

The guy I was skiing with wanted to ski them a few runs so we switched skis and I skied his Kastle MX 88 and for making turns on groomers I preferred the Heads . Actually a lot more.

So if you want to have a blast on the groomed and the bumps and not spend much $$ these skis are a great price value.

Age- 58 11/12ths
Skiing- 49 years
6 ft165 lbs.
Skill Level - decent skier try and get edge angles and carve on groomed snow Can ski moderate bumps decently No trees .I do enjoy powder but would leave the TT 80 's at home if it snowed

In all candor ,I'm old and slow, but can still enjoy a fun ski that delivers high performance and is a bargain.
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hey roundturns, you are right! i just skied the 72mm dynastar course ti, what a blast. If it's groomers, then these are the kind of skis you need.

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I'm just an intermidiot so take it for what it's worth. But they definitely hold well on eastern hard pack. I've been on them for several days before switching back to rev 80 pro after some fresh snow, and I can tell the difference in carving performance. If 176 works for you this is a deal you don't want to miss (assuming you don't already have a truckload of skis).
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I looked the other day and I did not see the TT 80 listed at Level Nine. Maybe they sold out.
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Yep, these are my local hill everyday ski/snow drought carver.  They're really nice.  Smooth and stable, but not boring.  The Tyrolia system binding that comes with them is one of my favorite adjustable binding setups.  Want to try moving binding a cm or two forward?  2 minutes and no screwdriver required. 


Fun fact: Harold Harb is a big booster of this model.  He talks about them a few times on his instructional vids. 

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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post

I looked the other day and I did not see the TT 80 listed at Level Nine. Maybe they sold out.

Dang, you are right, it's sold out.
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