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Is it even possible without heating the shell to mold the liner to the shell and your foot to get your foot into an unmolded Zipfit liner when the liner is in the shell. I just received mine today and the lZipfit liners can easily slide into the shell. however before I tried to steam the shells to mold the liner I tried to get my foot into the boot when the liners were in the shell and there was no way. I did this to see if I could ski the Zipfits without taking the liners out of the boot to get the boot on. The Zipfit unmolded liner material doesn't allow for me to get my foot in the boot. the liner itself compared to my "stock" liner when I just try the liners on actually feels a little bit roomier than my stock liner. So I am concerned . Will the heat fitting of the shell and liner make allow my foot to get into the liner shell much easier? Once this is done will I be able to put my boot on with the Zipfit liner already in the shell or is it mandatory that you need to put the liner on first and then put your foot and liner into the shell.? Would silicone spray as well make getting the boot on much easier. Thanks.