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Just a quick summary on the subject ski areas.

Skied SB on 12/14. Only 1/3 of mtn open. Off and on snow flurries, and some wind blown. Some off-piste off of Needles was not bad. The wind blown lower down from Middle Bowl chair were good. Up Porcupine, was lots of breakable wind crust. Basically they need a good dump of snow to get Strawberry area open.

DV - Skied on 12/15 - Lots of man made snow made the limited runs that were open okay. I'm not a groomer carver, and found some nice soft bumps off of Red Cloud. Still lots of bushes and tree tops. Empire not spinning, but it wouldn't take a lot of snow to open things up at Deer Valley. Absolutely no crowds. That of course will change come the weekend Christmas crowd. Hopefully they will get some of those limited forecasted snow events by Xmas.

Alta - 12/16. The traverses are rocky, and you take your chances with core shots when you venture off-piste. My ski partner took one to his skis. I hit multiple rocks, and dinged my edges. $45 later, and I'm not looking to take any chances. Supreme chair is not worth it, IMO. Collins and Sugarloaf are basically okay, with chalky soft conditions. But rocks, and debris is lurking very close underneath.

Brighton - 12/17. Basically groomer city. But the softest corduroy so far. It's just blue and green corduroy. After Alta's rockfest, was not looking to spend more money on ptex, and edges. Took it easy today.

Basically UT needs some fresh snow. Because UT snow is generally low density, a foot would help but, I would imagine you could easily end up hitting rock, etc.
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