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First time tele-er...

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So, I'm thinkin I'm going to rent some tele equipment tomorrow and see how fun it is. Any suggestions from all you tele skiers (ie. key things I should do/not do, etc...)

BTW I am already an expert alpine skier, just wondering if there is anything so radically different technique wise w/ tele that I should watch for.
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Mike B, start out and get comfortable on the tele equipment doing alpine turns on easy terrain. Gradually increase what you do from there.
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dont' worry about your upper body, it's about the same. Try and keep your weight evenly distributed, there's a real tendency to put it all on the front and rudder with the back book. Think of it like dropping your center of gravity. Also, experiment with the height of your stance... "old" school is lower,(knee on the skis ) but whatever works is best. I find that a closed thigh stance works best for me (parralel) knees, lets me carve a bit more. If you find you are skidding or washing out, get down lower and make sure you have enough weight on the rear.

Telemarktips.com andTelemarktalk.com are really great tele-specfic forums.

have fun...you are going to use plastic boots and skis with shape, right...none of this leather/old mountaineering skis...

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Coming from alpine, big (tall) boots will help if that is an option where you rent.

Go for 50/50% weight distribution front/rear foot. Upper body/shoulder down the fall line just like in alpine skiing. Upper body over your skis (not leaning into the hill) just like alpine skiing. Don't let your rear ski trail much, but keep your rear knee close to your front knee so your stance is tight.

Don't think about anything else your first couple days, it will take a short period to just reach a comfort level turning in the tele stance, then you can start pushing it. Mileage is the key in the very beginning.
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AC - at the place I usually ski (Sunshine Village) the rental equipment for tele is T2 boots, and Tua M3 or Mito (not sure which) skis with Superloop binders.

Thankfully I'll be skiing with my dad the whole day anyway (it's his bday, I can't ditch him), on alpine gear I'm usually so far ahead of him it's not even funny. The tele gear should even things out.
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Mike B, with that set up consider knee pads too.
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Mike, be careful. I have to warn you that I did what you are about to do last January, just thought I'd try it because it looked interesting. Things have never been the same -- I have only clicked back into alpine bindings once since then, and after a single run went to the car and switched back to my tele rig. It is so fun and addictive, you may have to buy new gear. In the beginning, you fly up the learning curve (your alpine background will help you improve fast -- you won't believe the difference between your first run of the day and the last). Consider yourself warned.
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