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5'11, 170lb, fairly aggressive skier. New England area only.

Have a pair of Line chronics @178, I bought those for mostly around mountain in not-so-bump areas and learning park. Was at Killington last weekend and on Sunday it's bumps EVERYWHERE. struggled so hard on panic button in the morning that I ordered a lesson(group turned into private) in the afternoon. Even after lesson I'm not feeling much better - might be confidence(coach said pole plant and turn and don't care what you run into...really? turn and stab right into a bump?), might be technique(legs still much more apart than what coach wanted me to be), but could it be my skis? I'm thinking my skis may be too long for bumps. Chronics are not stiff by any means, and I think 92 waist is fine for bumps(I see people flying down with S7's and all kinds of 100+ skis).


Here's the question If I'm getting a second pair for days like that(not the powder part, but bump field and normal NE hardpack days), which direction should I look at? I'm thinking along the lines of 170+-3 in length, something like rev85 pro or kendo/brahma(yeah it's stiff, but shorter length should help?) or should I be looking at sub-80-waist skis?(head rally/magnum)