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New Mounting Questions

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So I just got my first pair of skies and bindings.  I ordered the boots online and they will get here Friday.  When I bring in my skis and bindings for mounting, do I need to bring my boots for sizing purposes?  Also there are only two stores in my city that mount.  One that costs $80 to mount and then REI.  Is REI and good option?  Thanks.

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Yes, they will need boot(s). Some shops want one, others both.
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Wow, $80 seems steep. Even half that seems high.
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Do you think REI would mount my bindings if they used the same boot that was in their store.  I bought Tecnica Demon 100 the 2013 model.  Would they be able to use this years model if they had it in store?

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Seems unlikely they would want to risk scratching their new boot mounting your bindings. Maybe they would, maybe not.
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Sorry, gotta be your boot. Otherwise the liability thing crops up. They need your height, weight, age, and skiing ability too.
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I would hesitate to use REI for mounting. I would prefer to use a dedicated ski shop, but read the forums and you'll find plenty of screw up stories from ski shops as well. $80 is quite high but not much you can do about that. I've never had a shop request more than one boot, since skis are almost always interchangeable from foot to foot. If there is enough difference in sole thickness in a pair of old boots you need new boots--shouldn't be an issue with new boots. 

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all that matters is finding a boot with the exact same sole length as yours. if your boot is 322mm, the shop will need to mount it with a 322 mm boot, preferably yours. we have mounted bindings without customer boots before, however they were not given the calibration test ticket since they were sent out with a disclaimer stating they needed to be adjusted to their boots first. usually, we require the customers boot and wont mount them without it, however, technically it isn't necessary. shop policy will vary however. some may, some may not require the boots.

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