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Killebrew Canyon Help?

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Hi everbody. I'm going to Lake Tahoe again this year and wanted to be more informed this trip. The past few times I've went, I explored Mott Canyon a little bit (going down Milky Way Bowl and skiing through gate 1, taking the chair lift and working my way left). I did killebrew once, but went through a lower, easier gate. It was steep, but nice and wide open. Anyways, this year I wanted to crank it up a notch. I'll be looking for cliffs in Killebrew. I don't want to huck anything insane like some of the stuff at Squaw. I was just looking for a few fun cliff drops, such as the ones in this video      If you don't want to share too much info on spots, I respect that. I'm willing to explore, but it would be really helpful if somebody could give me a general direction/area where I can find gnarlier spots. Thanks a bunch :D

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Here is what I think is going on in the video.... obviously others will correct me if i'm wrong.

The drop at 1:00 and 1:35 is 'Over the falls' in Mott.  between ernies and north 40.

the drop at 2:20 is in the boundary shoots in Killibrew.  I think it might be the rock right outside the rope line.


The hardest lines in Killebrew are in gate B directly under the huge rock at the top with the memorial on it.  It takes a lot of snow to fill them in.

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Thanks bullhorn. I opened Heavenly's trail map and started to study/read more about the 2 canyons. There are  4 things that I never found though. First, which finger is which when referring to Killebrew. Is the "index finger" the long sharp ridge, the "thumb" being the more rounded feature to the skier's right of the map? Also, the only way mentioned to get into the boundary chutes is to go into pipeline and then cut right, but that seems to be in the middle/lower section of the chutes. Outer limits seems to be a hybrid traverse/run that leads into the higher portions. Is it difficult to get to/ski down? Also, what is the point of gate F at Killebrew? It seems that once you go down that far, you've pretty much lost all vertical.


My final question involves the lower portions of Mott: North 40, Promised Land, Hemlock, and Ernie's. When I skied Mott I took gate 1, which seems to be the gate that gets you into all that, but only saw the top chutes running straight down to the chair lift. I'm guessing that you need to get to Rocky Point somehow and bank right, thus leading to all the lower areas...? North 40, Promised Land, and Hemlock lead to Rim Trail, which must be a traverse. Is that also the traverse that leads out of Killebrew?    Thank you very much for the help by the way. I tried looking all of this up, but found very little.

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you are way overthinking this.....


Killebrew is basically a tree field (gates A) and a bowl (Gate C) with a rocky ridge running between them (gate B).


The ridge between Mott and Killebrew is what you previously got to via Gate 1.  It has and all those runs you mentioned going off the left into Mott.  It also has gates D, E and F going off the right side into Killebrew to access stuff you can't get to otherwise.


I agree that the trail map is a mess, but It's really obvious after a run or two.

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Okay. I understand now. I really was overthinking that... I'll just get out there and ski! Thanks again

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