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The Linken tele binding came out last year with rave reviews for breaking all tele binding performance standards. This single hinge/pivot plate binding (metal plate connecting the toe piece and the heel) transfers power more directly to the edge of the ski than any cable bindings and skis more naturally than other plate bindings. It is also a durable and cleanly designed binding.

The big problem last year was snow buildup under the front of the foot, caused by the plate shoveling snow onto the front toe piece where it was packed in tight by the compression of the foot. This year Linken released a new front shim with the platform cut such that snow, when it is shoveled in with the plate, can escape. This sounded like it would help, but I was skeptical it would solve the problem. This photo shows the new, trimmed-off front shim...

Not only did it help, but it (with a little anti-ice tape on the metal part of the toe piece) has entirely solved the problem. I have talked with many Linken users and skied them myself more than 15 times in deep, heavy Sierra snow and had no snowpacking problems at all.

The other great features (step-in, tourability, power transfer, durability) are unchanged.

For those who want the most powerful edging available and like a neutral flexing binding (little resistance when lifting the heel), this is THE binding. Be aware if demoing, that it takes a half day to get used to the plate binding, but then you are off. It is one of the only two bindings to even consider, the other being the Hammerhead. The choice comes down to Linken if you want maximum power transfer to the edge and a neutral flex, HH if you want active assistance with ball of foot pressure.

Since last year Linken has also opened a U.S. distribution and customer service facility in Salt Lake City, UT so they are even more responsive to customers and shipping is faster and cheaper (their customer service has always been exceptional). For ordering or more info: