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No hope for my feet?

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I am writing here because I am a little bit desperate about my boots. 


I skied six seasons on Lange WC's, with the old shell. They were alright. Recently I changed to some RS hoping that they would be similar and I wasn't very careful with the fit, so I bought the wrong thing, which I am selling here. Apparently, the fit is totally different to what they used to be :(


I have been visiting several bootfitters and it seems that my feet are difficult. My ankle is super narrow and it is difficult to find boots with good support there. 


When I visited one of the best bootfitters in UT, he told me that things will always be difficult with my feet.


I ended up trying some Fischer vacuum fit (too expensive) and he also gave me to try some Salomon X-max 120. They feel snug, kind of, but I am afraid that even with bootwork, they will pack out and become too wide for me. These boots were pretty much the closest thing I will get to a good fit, according to him. 


Any ideas? Good experiences with the boot? Should I look for something else?

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Everybody makes 95mm boots or narrower.  Find some and give them a try.



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and both lange and Head make a 93mm shell, tough to find but they are out there


where are you? there may be a fitter close by, have you looked at the who's who list at the top of the forum

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Today tried some Nordica Patrons at another bootfitter. I think the 110 flex model kind of will fit me. 


Also, they told me that it is similar to the Tecnica R9.5, this one seems to be a 95mm last boot, the other one 98mm. 


Still could go narrower, but.. well. 


Does anybody know about these boots?



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patrons are 98mm (med to narrow).  as talked about LOTS of other boots that are narrower still.


but if they fit, then that is great.

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