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Lightweight AT setup: Dynafit boots with fat fish scale skis

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I started Nordic skiing a few years ago and am finally starting to blow through my first set of boots and skis. My Rossi boots are falling apart and the Backcountry Cruiser type skis are fairly shredded from rocks and such doing what I like to call XXC (Extreme XC); basically just searching for the lower angle freshies anywhere I can find them.


Anyway, I'm considering an upgrade but I'm at a loss for what to get next. Far more interested in float in powder than speed on groomed Nordic trails but I'd like something that isn't going to be too sluggish when I'm out Nordic Skiing with friends. Somehow the lighter weight boots seem to be WAY out of my price range and so I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a cost-effective, skin free set up (boots, bindings, and skis) for that juicy center between classic Nordic and a more burly AT bundle. Ideas? Suggestion?

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I like my Boundless (98-69-88) with leather 3 pins for what your talking about.

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I picked up Rossi BC110 skis, BCX10 boots and Rottafella Magnums.   I'll probably take them out here for a spin this weekend.

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I use two setups for Nordic ski patrol:


(1) Rossi BC X-6 boot, 3 pin cable (cable in the pack almost all the time), and Madshus Epoch (wanted skiiny enough to work in groomed tracks).  This is a telemark setup for off-piste as well.


(2) Dynafit TLT5 Mountain, Dynafit Speed Radical bindings, Karhu Guides (now Madshus Annums)--too wide for tracks, will climb practically anything, groomed or ungroomed, can kick and glide, ski well in everything but breakable crust, including ice and deeper soft snows.  As above, many like Rossi BC 110, and I have a patrol friend who swears by his Voile Vector BC.


The key in (2) is the TLT5 (you should be able to find them with big discounts right now because they are discontinued, replaced by theTLT6)--light weight, a little toe flex, very good fore and aft flex (60 degrees), can kick and glide; excellent sideways stiffness, you can ski anything with them and I routinely ski skis up to my Dynafit Stokes (105 mm underfoot).  I ski them without the accessory tongues and without the power strap.


The Speed Radicals are the cheapest of the Dynafit/tech bindings, are very light, and work very well.  IMHO, it is well worth it to invest in these boots and bindings.

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sorry, repeat.

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good idea, Smushie, and great feedback.



i am thinking of creating a setup for this type of thing as well. I have nnbc gear, and full on burly AT setup (old),

but love this idea of light w/ scales.


andy, do the Annuns you mention have scales, or are they used w/ skins?





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looked up the Annum, so got my answer.


I was actually thinking something even wider. both these are 78 ish, anyway ski a light A T setup w/ 90ish waist (and scales)? 




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Voile Vector BC is 92-96 mm waist depending on length.


Rossi BC125 is 95 mm waist.


P.S.: I do not have experience with fish-scale skis wider than the Karhu Guides.  It seems intuitive to me that the wider skis would not climb as well in steep and soft conditions due to their increased float (my SP friend says he thinks the Vector climbs better, but I don't know what else he has tried); narrower waist skis should sink deeper, compress snow more, and getter a better grip with their fish scales.  Also, the Karhu/Madshus scales are very aggessive (extruded) compared to my Salomon X-Adventures, my Fischer Outtabounds, and my wife's Fishcer Rebounds (impresesed patterns).  Finally, I always carry skins with my fish-scale skis when going extensively off groomed when the snow is likely to be very light powder or have an icy surface.

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Thanks all. These are some great ideas. I actually bought a full tele setup last year figuring I'd learn to free-heel ski as my mode of backcountry travel. Still a total beginner but it's better than snow shoes, Plus, it was a super cheap setup that I simply couldn't resist ($80 for a like-new pair of Icelandic Pilgrims, $5 for a pair of G3s at the thrift store and $45 for a used pair of boots). However, I backcountry ski much less than I nordic which is why I was thinking of trying to get something to increase the "weeee!" factor when I'm out cruising around. 


So what's the cheapest light boot and binding combo?

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Originally Posted by Smushie View Post



So what's the cheapest light boot and binding combo?

Used.  3-pin bindings--$15 or free.  Scarpa t-3/t-4 or Garmont--$100-200 (I just threw 2 pairs of Scarpas away).  AT: hard to find used.  Speed Radical $399.  Lightweight boot--discontinued/used TLT5 $450-$550.

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