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Full Tilt Issue

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I just bought Full Tilt Seth Morrisons from a local shop...they felt good on my feet, after skiing them this weekend, I realized that I'm totally knock-kneed in these...running on my inside edged.  My feet are usually supinated and point out, and my legs are did I know realize this at the store?

Anyways, is a return feasible after skiing a boot once or twice?  It still looks brand new?  What are my options?

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You were never knock-kneed before these boots?
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I do not think I was ever knock kneed (at least that I know of) if other boots.  I put on my older pair of Salmon Ghosts (another compromise purchase when I was a broke law student), and the knees felt better.


I think I feel knock kneed because my legs are ordinarily bowed, and my feet supinated and point outwards (does that make sense...for example, the outside of my shoe heels wears away very quickly).  For me to get my toes pointing forward in these full tilt boots, my knees have to roll inwards. 

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I also put up a thread in boot guys...maybe someone can help there.  Actually, I just called the store, and they said they would take them back...which is great...I just want to make sure I get the right boot for my feet/legs

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You need to deal with a very knowledgeable and experienced boot fitter, preferably a certified pedorthist, not just some store.  If the place where you bought the boots has a such a person you're in luck.  If not, tell us where you are and you will get some recommendations.

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Thanks.  I definitely agree.  Not sure how I went all these years not paying attention to this stuff  I'm in upstate NY near Saratoga.  

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Check this list.  There's a guy in NYC who is very good and I think the Green Mountain Orthotics Lab is also quite good as is Billy Kaplan.  I don't know how close any of them are to you, but if I needed work done on my boots I would gladly drive the 300+ miles to Park City to see the boot fitter I've dealt with.  It might take a day or two for a response on the boot forum, there are only a few people who are active in there.

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