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WTB, 165 SL race ski...

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with or without bindings. 



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Hi Sal,


I have an older (2004) pair of Dynastar Omeglass 64 Speed with Look Pivot 14 Racing bindings.


Not skied since moving to Utah in 2007, so they are still in excellent shape.  Used maybe 10x from '05 - '07.

Bases and edges are perfect, with only cosmetic scratches on the topsheets. 

Length: 165 / Sidecut: 113-64-102 / Radius: 13M.  Hand tuned to 1 / 3 bevel. 


Willing to let go for $125 + shipping.

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Not interested Sal?

I will be moving them over to the Gear Swap forum.

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Looking for something a bit newer, but I'll keep them in mind.

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Sure - I understand.

Let me know if you change you mind as I would like to see someone enjoy them.


They really are a fantastic SL ski and still in great shape. 




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I have a pair of 07/08 Rossi World Cup SL's in a 165cm I'm trying to get rid of.  PM me if you're interested.

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Still looking.
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