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Wide Skins

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I am planning on re-fittng my Pocket Rockets with the new Diamir Freeride binding and wish to purchase skins. Looked at Ascension and others and it appears that the widest skins made are only 110 mm. The Rockets' dimensions are 122-90-115. Any suggestions on where I might find skins to fully cover these or do you think I'm OK with a 110 width skin. I've used narrower skins on these Rockets (with Alpine Trekkers) and it is definitely a compromise when the edges are exposed. With a 110, at least most of the edge will be covered but not the parts at the tip and tail.
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Si, Go with the 110's -- they should be able to climb up to 35 degrees, and any steeper, you will just be leaving me behind anyways! I don't really think you want the skins to cover your edges -- you might need those puppies for the occasional skinned traverse across an icy patch.

And congrats on the upgrade!!
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ditto to guest1. They do come wider, a friend of mine has them on his Burton split board (but he says they're pretty lame quality). Go with the ascentions - they have a great quick-release on the tails so you don't have to take off your mitts on the cold days.
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I thought the Ascensions wouldn't be so good for a ski with a turned up tail, like the PR??The G3s were recommended to me for the TENEX, which also has a turned up tail (albeit less than that on the PR). Think the G3s go to 120 wide.
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You can get skins in any width you want. Just call Ascension, and have them cut you a mega wide strip. I bet G3 can do the same thing.
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I've got the 110 ascensions with the cam tail clip on my 10ex's. They work fine and the cam clip on the tail makes it very easy to put the skins on and take them off - worth the extra $10-15.

I think the 110's would be wide enough for your skis.
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Thanks for the advice folks! Tim, nice to see you here! Looked at few other sites based on the advice I've gotten here and now I have a further question. Sounds like the 120mm G3s would be a pretty goog bet for the Rockets (although there are a few out there reporting problems with them) given their width and tip/tail connection. If I got them, what's my best bet on trimming? If I do it to ski shape I'm left with exposed adhesive after I fold and roll them up. If I cut them straight I loose a lot of function. I'm thinking of trying to cut them on a symmetrical shape that matches tip and tail (leaving a little base in the tip area exposed but giving complete overlap coverage for storage). Any further suggestions? Also, how much edge exposure should I allow (2-3 mm?)? Thanks again.
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"...If I cut them straight ... "

You are maybe thinking of buying 3G 120 mm skins and cutting them down to 85 mm so that you could have a little edge exposed at the waist? I think NOT

Of course you will cut them to the ski's shape! I leave about 3-5 MM at each edge. So you will be cutting the 120 mm skins to 112 mm or so at the widest point. Might as well start with 110 mm skins -- didn't somebody already suggest that?

This, of course, leaves some adhesive exposed. You don't want to roll them, as you would straight skins. Fold them so the tail and tips are together to minimize exposed adhesive. And then keep them in a clean Ziplock bag.

I have even heard of a few folks sticking their right and left skins together to eliminate exposed adhesive. I would enjoy watching them deal with skins in a wind!!
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110 is plenty, the wider you go the more cumbersome they get for packing and the tip and tail do far less traction-wise then what is underfoot.
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i picked up some 120 mm G3's for my Big Stix 106. Really wanted a 130 to cover them better, but the 120 does a pretty good job. Now if my damn bindings would only get here, i'd let you know what i think.
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