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Just moved to the DC area and tried out Liberty yesterday.  Pleasantly surprised and had a fun half day.  We tried out a one hour group lesson, which was pretty decent.  But even with only five in the group the amount of actual ski time and instruction is pretty limited.  At our former "local" my husband daughter and I spoiled ourselves with three hours of private lessons (all three of us together).  We'd like to do the same at Liberty once a week, but I was really surprised to learn that it would cost more than $200 per hour for the three of us.  I can't spend that kind of money but also don't want to go with the one hour group lessons.  Any suggestions on how to find a private instructor to ski with us at Liberty but not going via the resort ski school!  I don't want to screw the resort out of its cut, but they really don't seem set up for the type of arrangement we're looking for.