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New Boots?

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I just started skiing last year but have progressed to handle diamonds in the east (killington, whiteface, etc.) fairly easily and have been working hard on technique.  I am 5'8" and weigh 170.  Later last season and much more so this season I've noticed a lot of foot movement in my Rossignol Alias 70's.  My heel lifts up a lot and the boots feel sloppy even when I tighten the second buckle down from the top as tight as it will go.  Also, my skis aren't responding the way I would like when going edge to edge.  I went to the shop where I bought them yesterday and had some foam put in the heals.  They are more snug but my heals still lift up when I flex them and I feel like I'm crushing them.  I'm a bit concerned about ankle injury.  I'd prefer not to shell out the cash for new boot but will if they will be safer and help me progress faster.  Is it time for some new boots?  I'm fairly certain they are too big.  Should I look at a higher flex rating?  Please help.  

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odds are teh boots are too big for you/   Please read the wiki at the top of this forum and let us know what the shell fit is like.



Flex is different then fit.  Both are important, but a boot that is too big, in a stiffer flex, will still not work well. (and maybe worse)

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Yep, I have more than 25mm (quite a bit more) room when I shell fit them.  Went back to my local shop yesterday and they came up with the same conclusion...too big.  Beside a boot that actually fits they suggested a flex of at least 90 based on their questioning of what, where, and how I ski.  Thank you so much for the help.

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