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First 100mm rockered Ski test

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On Saturday our hill had a local retailer with a tent offering demos on the new Elan Spectrum Amphibios.  I thought I would stop in and see if they had something over 100mm underfoot as I have been contemplating adding a ski of this nature to the quiver for trips out west.  I new they would be fine in the soft snow, but was always curious how a ski like this would handle the groomers.  So they had a pair of the Spectrum 105's available so I took them for a few runs.  I was pleasantly surprised about how quick they were edge to edge.  I was thinking they would be sluggish due to their width, but that was not the case.  One thing they definitely were was "turny".  Initially I felt like they were on a pivot point and I had to stay over the ski more or they may slide out from under me.  Is this typical of a Rockered ski?  Anyway, I seemed to adjust pretty quickly as the subsequent runs I didn't notice this as much.  Anyway, I didn't feel like I couldn't spend a day on them doing both soft and hard snow.  My problem is I have nothing to compare them to.  I have always been intrigued by something like an Armada TST or Line Prophet 98.  Just curious if these may be similar to the Amphibios or is Elan doing something completely unique with this technology?


Pretty cool stuff,



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I have no experience with the Elan Spectrum, but spent a 1-1/2 days on my new Atomic Rituals(103mm) at Big Sky this weekend and they were fun.  It was a divisional PSIA get together and yesterday morning we spent too much time on a run that was ideal for a SL or GS race ski, but other than that run, the skis did very well.  They have tip and tail rocker but also some camber which helps with edge grip and they are pretty quick edge to edge.  I skied several bump runs and never felt the width was causing me problems.  The Amphibio is unique to Elan and I was really impressed when I demoed an Amphibio last year, but they aren't unique in having a rockered ski that also performs fairly well on groomed runs and is reasonably quick edge to edge.  Things have definitely changed.  

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