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Vail Dec 12- 16

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This AM will be our last runs leaving at noon. Got here late Thursday afternoon. For the most part sticking to the front and the groomers some bumps. Cover in the Back Bowls a bit skethcy and thin. Vail has had 80 in ytd and last Thursday a 32 in mid mountain base. This AM reporting 29 . It has not snowed since we got here maybe a trace on top Sat. AM.


So all in all can't complain the skiing has been pretty good and factoring for early season probably better than that. But they definitely need some fresh snow. Tourist Trap and further down starting to ski dirty with rocks now kicking up.


Hopefully if you're heading out here later in the month they will get on the storm track again. I think another two feet might be needed to get the bowls in good shape. Blue Sky never opened while we were here . It was being rumored it would but it was delayed apparently.

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Reading between the sketchy snow lines, it appears you made a good time of it.  That's the mark of a great skier in my book, finding the opportunity on snow and apres. 


Snow will come and pillow that backside up nicely.  Always does.


Come back soon.    

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Just got back from Vail as well, and all-in-all a great trip on a mountain that has as much skiing as anyone in the lower 48.

Got in Friday morning and my bro Joe had the Yukon at the curb waiting for me.

Off to Keystone for an afternoon of first turns. Nice surprise, we find some great runs on both the Outback and North Peak, the snow was soft and grippy. THEY NEED SNOW!!! Sorry Keystone, but a good stop on the way to Vail.

Saturday morning we don't exactly jump out of bed at the Mountain Haus, but manage to get to the top by 9:30 and decide to head to the Slot and see what the cover looks like. SURPRISE! 3-4 inches and a softly buffed baby bowl and no one is there!!!

We managed only 20K vertical, but really just tried to save some gas for the tank as we are both day-3 freaks.

Back bowls are in limited mode and counting, and Blue Sky is still a storm away according the patrollers farming snow and doing avi control.

Highline, Blue Ox,(the bumps) on Prima and the road home on Riva Ridge were all in mid-season form.

Between NFL Game Day at the 10th and another 9:30 start, we tallied 24K vert by mostly skiing Prima, Highline, etc.

Three and half hours on.Monday morning before we have to head down and we get to DEN, we gobble up 18K+ vertical before it is all over.

I had a $5 P-tex job and a quick edge for early season conditions that were better than I had hoped for.

Sure, every mountain out west needs snow, and the forecast looks dry for the rest of the month, but Vail has good, if not great, cover on the front. I am concerned that the back side will get a good sunburn if the pattern doesn't change.

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As a follow up to my Vail trip I thought I would share the events of my trip home from the airport .Funny now, not so much fun that evening. Took the SW direct to PIttsburgh flight leaving DIA at 5:30 PM. Quick flight with tail wind coming back we arrive on time 10:35 EST. It is even snowing!

My friend suggests I go get my car and he will wait for the bags to arrive. Tells me to be sure I have my phone on in case bags are delayed. Grab my phone out of my backpack and drop it on the floor as pieces fly everywhere. nO worries I put it back together and it syncs up and works.Off on the shuttle to get my Tahoe. Shuttle puls up to the Tahoe and I can see the back and side windows are clear with no ice and snow. Great. Unlock the car and the alarm goes off .Get that stopped but have to crawl over console to get scraper in the back because the back door won't open. Front windshield is full of blown snow and ice. Oops knock off a windshield wiper blade clearing the snow.5 minutes later still can't get the damn thing back on. Thinking I better get back over to the terminal and get my buddy maybe he can snap it on. Off to pay for the parking. My windows I discover are frozen and won't go down. OK! I will get out of the car and insert the ticket. The machine won't take the ticket , now there are 3 cars behind me waiting and it is snowing really hard. Pres button for assistance and quickly somebody comes out and assists me informing me I did not pull up far enough for the macHine to operate, unfortunately my truck is so wide I would not have been able to open the door mad.gif I needed to be.

Off to the terminal for my buddy and luggage. Not so fast my engine lights go on and I am getting the message Service TrAction COntrol STabilization System. Ok maybe tomorrow! Now the real fun starts, I get another message saying engine reduced to half power. I can't get above 30 mph.

Get the damn wiper blade back on and start the trip Home Snows a couple inches in the next hour or so, taking us driving at 25-30 mph and hoping we make it up the hills .We make it home and experieNce a great feeling of relief!

Took the TAhoe to the CHevy garage and learn that the Throttle COntrol sensor was the cause of the car running at reduced power. When this sensor goes on the fritz it's a domino meltdown.
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It must have something to do with SW, the electronic glitch thing.

My SW flight wasn't as bad, but it started ominously enough.

The ticket scanner 'crashed', which meant we had to be manually boarded.

So we leave 40 minutes late from the gate, but the pilot assures us we will be early to Lauderdale.

We were 18 minutes early.


Easter is a long ways off for me, see ya'll in Vail then.

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Ah, that run in the background (can't recall the name) brings back memories of two years ago, when we managed to capture this clip of a friend:




As funny as it was, it was actually a little scary with how thin the cover was

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Blue Sky Basin with Steep and Deep and Lover's Leap.

Vail was bombing the hell out of the corner just off the trees when we were there.

I heard Blue Sky had a limited opening yesterday to allow skiers/riders to pack it down.

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Originally Posted by mook View Post

Ah, that run in the background (can't recall the name) brings back memories of two years ago, when we managed to capture this clip of a friend:




As funny as it was, it was actually a little scary with how thin the cover was


Now that's a fun video.   Here it is embedded for easy viewing pleasure:



For all the Vail-is-Flat folks, Lover's Leap and Steep and Deep are short but do have a nice pitch.   They are at least steep enough for this guy to slide all the way down face first... haha.


Looks like Blue Sky basin did open for the year on no new snow yesterday.  Another example of terrain opening not necessarily being snow dependent, but budget and/or avy control related in this case.   There are only so many patrollers to do a large amount of control work at big mountains.

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Nice faceplant on firm conditions. ;-)

From the bottom of Iron Mask.

April 18, 2011

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There several vids of faceplants off of Rasputin's just as funny.

A pulled back shot of Iron Mask.

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