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Trying to find Hot Buns type gear? Can anyone tell me where they bought them?

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I found an old thread from 2008 but all the URLs are outdated.  I am trying to order these for christmas and the only ones I can find are the neoprene ones.  I really want the "flap" style that you can reroll back up store away if you decide you dont need it anymore.  Did these not sell?  I have seen these when skiing in in the Northeast on snowy and cold days such as Vermont quite a bit.  Would love to order a few.

thanks for any help!

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dude, big mountain is the epi-center of butt-capes. check their home page i believe they sell official big mountain ones on the mountain at leaset. dave

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The butt flaps most in use here do roll up, but are fairly bulky. When I lived back east, I had a neoprene one that rolled up more tightly, but was too short. If I was handy, I'd make my own. Just need neoprene and some nylon belt material.

As far as I know there is no official butt flap. What you may have seen were a set of privately produced flaps that were given out one year by one high vert holder to his other nine counterparts. I think there are only two or possibly three of the original owners wearing them these days.
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Found this reference on skinet: Butt Flap ($20; 406-862-2683)
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This is what I have used for years. They fit like a diaper & not restrictive. Made of neoprene with Velcro straps.Not sure when you can find them

but with neoprene available they should be easy to make.

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How odd.

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I have a pair that look like the ones in mrski00's picture.  Mine are all black and are must have items for bad/wet weather.


The Pro Shop at Nordic Mtn  in central Wisconsin has them in stock at this time.

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I have found the hot buns.  Some said the water pools in them.  Do you find that?  I may just go ahead and order these.  They seem to be the only ones still on the market.  Thanks for all the feedback.

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When I used to use Hot Buns (another Midwest ski irritation I've escaped), water would collect inside the part you sit on if you are skiing in the rain or a heavy, wet snowfall.
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Well, the very popular butt flaps here are just nylon that I swear covers a hunk of foam. Nylon covered foam rectangle, secured with a belt. They are certainly still available from any ski shop in Whitefish. For a picture, check out the skiers in Evans Heaven on my Locals Guide. The male is on the short side, which is why it's more of a butt cape. One store, the mountain shop, is Snow Ghost Outfitters, 406-862-1996. I'm sure they'd ship. The downside of this product is that since the inner is not neoprene, that once water breaches the nylon, although it is waving in the breeze, it doesn't always stay dry. I have come in with the flap wet enough to squeeze out a steady stream of water. I've found overpants of Gore Tex to work far better for real weather days. The butt flaps are fine for rime. There's no pooling issue, there's a drying issue. The shorter neoprene one I have stays dry, but is not near long enough. It's about 8 inches too short.
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A new and improved version of Hot Buns butt warmers are now available. They have been off the market for several years but are back by popular demand. Give me a call: 541 729 2251.

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l recently found them in the mountain shop at Jack Frost ski resort, in the poconos, Pa.  I have also seen them in a few other mountain resorts in Vermont.  They went by another name, like Butt flaps or something like that.  But they wiere very effective, I recently took up snow boarding and spend a lot of time on my butt.  And the weather turned nasty one day, ice, rain, freezing cold and they were a very welcome addition to my ski collection!  When I went to vermont in February and it was below zero and snowing every day, they were a blessing on the chair lift!

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I got mine at snowshack or reliable racing, but neither seems have inventory


I wear em over the base layer, under the ski pants --> no pooling.

the thickness alone is nice on old cold chairs

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Sure. Go to www.hotbunsskiwear.com and you can order a pair.

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