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*!Adventure Alert!* -- Chic Chocs

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Invite go'n out to all you bc easterners tentative the last week in March (Easter I believe). It's about a 10 hr drive north of Boston or the about same NE of Montreal. We're currently trying to pool up; right now have 4 tele, 2 boarders & 3 skiers.
Digs are very nice at a good price in US$, Look at Gite du Mont Albert, and food is upposed to be excellent.

If you don't think the east has any worldclass backcountry, now's the time to erase those lingering doubts.


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cheap seats-

sounds like a sweet place to do some BC skiing. Have you done it before- what's the skiing like? Would like to meet ya up there to ski it!
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Yes, been there before but there was limited snow (July).
It's like the Presidentials, but maybe 2 or 3 times in length. Lotsa bowls very accessible from the road & Lotsa snow. I haven't been too far in - they have a nice hut-to-hut system which touring friends of mine do annually (but i'm too lazy). Certain sections are forbidden because of Woodland Caribou habitat (last remaining herd anywhere I think).

I'll keep you posted as the season wans.

There was a nice write-up in Skiing mag last year and a one page in Couloir or Powder this year I think. I'll research to find the right month.
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the chic choc mountains are an awesome place for big mountain backcountry (essentially the only place in the east, aside from tuckerman's zoo). i've been there the last three years in the spring for unbelievable conditions.

if you want to see what you've missed out on, check out the ski photography on my website:
click here
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3 pin monster - this one is sweet. I've never seen vegetation like that!
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thanks mary... that's right at treeline, so there's a lot of little scrub trees and brush. above that is a series of chutes ranging from 35-55 degrees with about 1000 feet of vertical. we came screaming down out of the chutes back down to the valley. i had the camera on the next run and just missed catching my buddy as he hooked a tip in the brush at mach 3. it would have been the best faceplant shot ever. oh well.

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last call to those eastern skiers who may think they didn't quite get their fill this season - remember, it's gonna be a long summer and a sweet trip like this is a great way to cap the season. The Chic Chocs have been getting mostly dumped on while NE's been getting hosed = good snowpack!

We are planning skiing Mar 27th-30 and travel home on the 31st. Have a few groups going - one through Burlington VT, and one thru Portland Me, so can pick anyone up who may want to catch a puddle jumper - what dya say JW, Pierre, JS (weather makes one fickle yaknow), anyone?

Not done yet ar'ya?

Bring your shades :

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JS sez many thnx for the offer, but Mrs. JS & I will be leaving for our Tahoe/Carson-Pass/Tioga-Pass-Resort trip around the time you have fun, and be sure to send me the pics!

BTW, this could be a really short spring season. Officially recorded high at HoJos Sat was 50, but sure felt way warmer on Hillman! And our p.m. lap on the Sherbie (after the $6 all-you-can-eat AMC buffet lunch) had much worse cover than the a.m. lap. Then our Sat night sleep in North Conway was repeatedly interrupted by the sound of a full inch of rain falling...
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Yeah, we were on the summit strip'n off damp clothes on saturday and even tho it was howl'n, wasn't cold a bit. Went down to the top of chute where we managed to kick off a big sluff - wiped the whole face off right to the bottom of the bowl. Heard Hillman had about 10" of mank on crust? Gotta love that slo motion sno! Thinking of Munroe Brook this weekend

Enjoy Tahoe!
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So that's who set off that slide! A patroller pointed it out to us while we were about to take Sherbie lap #2 in the pm, and although visibility was declining, I could get a decent view through my monocular.
We only went about 1/3 of the way up Hillman (where it takes the big turn to the right, going up), but snow was pretty nice, although quite soft and slow. (Speeded up in the pm though.)
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Would luv to join both you and KB, but my spending finances this Spring are at par with
NewEngland's snowcover. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
I bet their temps are pretty close to NewEng
spring_skiing temps SHOULD be like...
We used to ski that area decades! ago(does that ever make me feel old...with trad
X-C gear (& home-spun_methods of stiffening
X-C_boots)..(YUCK! Great, Great tripping
POST UP upon your return!!! (OR ElSe..)
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$110 per night?!!! What?!!! If you guys picked a reasonable place to stay I would have been SO in. Those mountains do look awesome. Even if I had infinite dollars to spend, I'd still prefer to sleep on my buddy's floor rather than in a 5 star hotel. I don't like the vibe in places that pamper you. Does anybody know of other accomodations in the area. A boarding house that rents rooms would be ideal.
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Chill, Noodles:

Is that $110 US or Canadian? But if you don't want to stay at the Mont Albert, you can always find a B&B in St. Anne-des-Monts, a village right on the St. Lawrence, and only 15-20 minutes away. You should be able to find something for $35 US + a nice breakfast.├ęsie

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for St. Anne-des-Monts.
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Thanks James,

I forgot about the exchange rate... Guys, I would like to join you on this venture. Those mountains look fantastic. So... what are the meeting places?
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How 'bout a trip report?
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Unfortunately, due to a severe rain event which glazed the entire Chic Chocs in a thick crust of solid ice, my crowd fell out like dominos 6 days before departure. Me included. So I ended up going on a reconnaissance trip instead to scout out a venture which I'm sure i'll be spamming you all with this fall.

The kicker is, Gaspe penninsula got pounded with the biggest storm of the season two days before we were scheduled to leave...

... well, I can always sit around and live vicariously through AC's pictures till next season rolls around I suppose.
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