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Linken Question

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I've had my Linkens a couple of months now and love them, but this weekend ran into my first equipment problem - the yellow plastic piece that you flip up to slide the heel piece for different boot sizes now comes up on it's own. The result being the heel piece sliding off. I have to check it after every run to push it back down. Luckily I've been in lift lines when it slid off. Anyone else ever experience this? I fixed it temporarily with duct tape, but if there is a better fix I'd love to hear it.
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Llama: Email me at kenny@linken.com and we can try to figure this out. We had one other case of this earlier this season, but we havent been able to figure out why it is occuring. I would be happy to try and solve the problem however we can. But I would like to hear some more info on how high the yellow tab is moving and how you have the binding set. So drop me a line and we can figure it out.
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Now that is customer service!

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I just wanted to publicly thank Kenny and the people at Linken for superb customer service - something you don't see too often anymore. Not only did they replace my broken heel piece quickly and without question, they sent me a new piece before I sent my old one in so I wouldn't miss a day on the hill. Other ski companies should take note - this is how you land repeat business.
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