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ski crampons wanted

Poll Results: anyone using this binding with crampons?

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    yes i am using this with tampons
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I just got a pair of the new Tyrolia Adrenalin  AT bindings and I want a pair of the ski crampons that Tyrolia makes for this binding -the 105 width version.  ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO GET A PAIR?  I have googled the @#%! out of it and come up with only a Tyrolia  video that shows them and how they work. 

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Backcountry says you have to get them direct from the manufacturer.
Perhaps Dawgcatching can help you -- I got my Adrenalines from him.

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ive looked on their website and sent a few e mails so far no response. 

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Ask your local retailer. I am sure that they can order them for you. 

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thanks. ya he found them in the catalog.

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