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Ya hoo!!  :yahoo:  I got it, I got it.


I took a lesson today, the instructor helped me to really understand the flexing the ankles thing. I wasn't doing it right. On top of that during the lesson I realized what it meant to "pull my feet back" I didn't get that before either.


When I would start off down the hill one of my first moves to get my weight forward or shins into the boot was to squat down a little. So I'm trying to stop doing that just like stated above.


My old way to ski was to incorporate a little bob up and down as I switched from left to right.


Also I wasn't keeping my body as still as I thought.


When I really think about flexing the ankles my turns are much much better. Don't get me wrong its hard to break the old ski habit, but as for now at least I understand what this stuff means!!! I will practice, practice, practice!!


Thanks for the help

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Glad you felt it.  thats a huge step forward.  Now you can take that and bring it with you everywhere you ski and want to ski.

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