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OP already chose Copper.... They are going to have a great time there.

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Thanks for the ideas folks. We did settle on Copper due primarily to the somewhat compact village, kids lesson programs and overall value. Our kids are young and the walkabity of the village area and ease of access to the kids ski school drop off was really important for us. Also the kids lesson max out at 5 at Copper vs. 10 at some others. Copper also ended up being much less expensive than Breckinridge and Keystone, and especially Vail and Snowmass, with kids lessons and lodging being the biggest factors.

That said, if it were just the wife and I then we'd most likely be going to Breck. Or maybe just once the kids get a little older and can ski with us. I definitely plan to visit Breck, the town, on a non ski day to check it out.

Regardless I know we'll have a great time and can't wait til March 1 for my first trip out west.
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Originally Posted by hokienRIC View Post

 Also the kids lesson max out at 5 at Copper vs. 10 at some others. 

Yes...Copper maxes out at 5 for 3 to 5 year olds (and 7 for the older kids).  Generally speaking, the Sups will group the kids by age with only three 3 year olds in a group (and four 4 yo, and five 5 yo) but this varies based on student volume, etc.  


They will try to keep your kids together IF you want and they are at a similar level.  However, there is a difference between a 3 and 5 yo, so give some thought as to whether they might do better together or with the 5 yo in a separate group. 



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The OP will have a blast at Copper and I think you chose it for all the right reasons.   I wanted to make sure you are aware of Critterland.  We've got a couple little ones (2&2!?!) and they love it.  Bring snowsuits!  It's in the east village by the super bee so you'll probably want to take the kiddos there on the shuttle.  Check it out when you are at the bottom of the super bee skiing.







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I would not recommend Copper. Copper isn't a bad mountain. In fact, I rather like it, but the base area is compact to the point of being dull for a multi-day visit. Perhaps more importantly, that same layout that keeps the skier levels segregated, also makes it hard to get around. Traverses are difficult (more so than at Breck) and the layout leads to congestion in the north base areas (that service intermediate and beginner terrain).



Wow, I couldn't disagree more.  You might be the first person to ever say Copper is more difficult to get around and more congested than Breck.   Those are usually considered advantages of Copper over Breck.  In terms of congestion, Breck has at least double if not triple the number of annual skier visits over Copper, and Breck is only 20% bigger in terms of acreage.  And, Copper's layout is considered one of the best anywhere.


The one thing I'll agree with is the base area is small with a limited selection of bars and restaurants.  With little kids, though, it's perfect to let them run around the pedestrian village since there are no cars.  While small, the village at Copper has a very nice feel IMO.

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As The Fates would have it, I had a phone call with a customer just this evening.  We started out with basic pleasantries - Happy New Year and such - and he mentioned that we were in for the long haul to Memorial Day and that he was hoping to grab a quick ski weekend.  Naturally I told him I was taking vacation and heading for Breckenridge CO.  We talked about where we skied for a while and he said he loved the skiing in CO but couldn't sleep well at the altitude and that he got worn out there (we are not young men).  


Just mentioning it.  It hadn't crossed my mind about the sleep part of altitude.  I don't sleep as well at that altitude as I do at sea level but it hasn't been an issue.  I am not one who has trouble sleeping normally.  One of the benefits of clean living ;)

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