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Pierre skis TENEX with Linkens

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Well, I skied them long boards today. The TENEX is just exactly what I wanted. A demanding high performance ski that responds instantly to correct inputs and spanks those who become lax. Did I get spanked; Ahhh, oh yeah. At 184 CM, I am not use to skiing on something that sticks out into the middle of next week on both ends. I kept standing on other peoples skis in the lift line for one. Second, I am use to a much softer ski and tended to weight them too evenly at first. The result was allowing the outside ski to decamber and finding myself on the inside ski with the outside one railing straight ahead. Carrying much more weight on the outside ski did the trick. The other thing that I had to get use to was the extremely large radius of the turn 23M, can yah believe that. When you have to carry more weight on the outside ski, the inside one won't carve a tight turn, cleanly. Opening up the turn size corrected that problem.
I was skiing great in no time, that is, right up the the point that I started getting fatigued. When I get tired while telemarking, the old Alpine Shuffle starts to sneak in there. For those unfamiliar with the term, the Alpine Shuffle is the quick switching of the front and back ski with little transition. The result was jumping onto an outside ski that didn't instantly decamber. You can skid fine doing this but if you have already moved the center of mass well inside the turn in anticipation of carving the result is railing the outside ski and landing on the inside ski just like the first couple of runs. You guessed it, the splits then ars end over tea kettle. For times when I get tired why didn't I just get some stinkin Chubbs. See equipment review forum for total evaluation.
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Nice Pierre! I found it interesting that you found adjusting the weighting of the separate skis to be appropriate, I have found the same also but was not sure if I was cheating by doing that! Never felt any negative performance affects, only more power and stability at speed. Glad you like the rig, it is a very fun setup. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I hope you got some of that snow that pounded Buffalo.
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