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auto subscribing not working

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It used to be when I replied to a thread, I'd automatically be subscribed. Twice now I've found threads where I'd replied, but the thread was not listed in my subscriptions. I had to manually set the subscribe.

Edit. Make that three times.
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Have you checked your default subscription frequency setting on your preferences page? Mine is set on 'don't subscribe' to keep my inbox clean, but that's where you can set how often you want notifications (daily, weekly, immediately, etc.). I also have the previous preferences section set to let me know when people quote me or PM me.

It's possible the default was reset with the software change, but I wouldn't have noticed. I remember that the site's default to auto-subscribe was a real pain until I found the preference setting.
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I checked all that, but couldn't find anything wrong.
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Sorry, thought I posted this earlier. I had checked your settings already sib and they were fine so I went ahead and reported it as a bug to Huddler. Not sure if they're working this weekend with all the bugs or if it will wait until Monday. 

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@sibhusky They've asked what threads so they can do some diagnostics. 

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I'll have to keep an eye out, as I have been manually subscribing.
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Any thread that I reply to that I have previously not posted in, the reply check box is empty unless I see it and check it. It used to be automatic that if I replied it was checked. Frankly, I'm not sure that checking the box in the reply is working as usually I hit the submit, go up to the right pointing arrow at the top and also subscribe there if it dies not say unsubscribe. Maybe there is a lag, because it never does, even though I've submitted the reply.


I thought I remembered that being selectable in this screen, but don't see it now.
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Thanks, adding it to the ticket. 
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@sibhusky they need to see an example where you have posted in a thread, but are not subscribed. Can you please post somewhere and then not manually subscribe to it? 

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Okay, here it comes.

Reply, box not checked.

After reply, then returning to forum, no star in front of thread name.

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Note that normally subscribed threads have stars.
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They've been able to identify the problem and ticketed it to be fixed. 



Aha! It's on the Mobile version! I was able to reproduce this. Previous screenshots were from the Desktop version, which is the default for tablets like hers. But I guess sometimes she uses the Mobile version too. 


Thanks for pursuing this all the way, Tyler, and please pass along my thanks to sibhusky too. 



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I guess there were so many other issues that I said mobile version, I forgot to mention it again.
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Sometimes they don't always read what I post thoroughly enough too. 

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It's fixed. Been meaning to tell you.
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I'm glad. One less issue to work out. 

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