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harpo how is it?

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you like the new set up? did not see you @ alta last weekend.
I am picking up a pair of fritchi's new titanal($99!!!) this weekend & am leaning towards the lowa boot.
we should get together for some beacon practice.
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Was out hiking on Sunday, went up Flagstaff.
Down the back side, back up and down to Alta.

The skis and boots are great but one of the bindings isn't working properly when hiking. The lockout bar isnt working right making it easy to twist out of the binding when hiking - which brings up the perils of mail order. Had I bought them at BD I'd just take them back - so it goes. I've got feelers out to see if I can fix them or else I'll have to send them back to TP. Other than that I really like the setup.

The fritchis are good too. They may be a better choice for what we (weekend warrior - occasional forays into the bc types)do.

You can't go wrong for $99 - great deal.
I would have bought silverettas for $99.

If I go out this weekend I'll be inbounds at Alta on Sunday (may stay home for family reasons - not sure yet).

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