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Lodging and Roomies [Mid-A Gathering 2014]

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If you're looking to share lodging, use this thread is to coordinate among the attendees. Lodging is up to you. Most stay slopeside or very near. You can find slopeside lodge at Timberline Four Seasons Realty other choices can be found in the EpicSki Timberline Resort Page, Click on lodging for links. Maybe co-gathermiester @Jamesj  or Ambassador @JohnL  will offer some more tips.

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LHC and JamesJ are more experienced with weekend housing in Canaan Valley since I've been in seasonal rentals for the past 7 years or so. I'm willing to evaluate any housing choices that folks are considering; I may be able to check it out in person since I'm at Timberline nearly every weekend.


Sharing a group house is IMHO the best option for the Mid Atlantic Gatherings. Depending upon the size of the group, 1-2 (or more) houses may work.



The area around Timberline and Canaan Valley Ski areas is generically called Canaan Valley. It is a rustic, high alpine valley (3200' elevation) with minimal development. In fact, part of it is a state park. The address for Canaan Valley is Davis, WV. The town of Davis, WV is about 12 miles away from Timberline (about a 15-20 minute drive.) Confused? Well, this is West Virginia.

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One more thing to add. If you want to splurge a bit, there are some bodacious ski-in ski-out accommodations at Timberline.

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I already know that half of my housemates from last year will not be available for a sharing deal, so my wife and I would like to find others who would be interested in sharing the cost of a slope-side house.  Right now there seems to be plenty available. 

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Happy New Year everyone.  Has anyone given any thought to lodging for this GTG?

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I have thought plenty but I can not commit, I am still trying to secure a job and if I do I need to figure out if I can avoid work to make this...

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We'll hopefully be able to make it - just waiting on my wife's work schedule. Should know in a week or so. We're newbies, so all advise will be appreciated assuming we can go. Watch this space ...

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I am still planning on going. I just talked to my wife this morning and she indicated that she would be interested in going.  She does not ski but like hot drinks and warm fires.

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Pierre, please check your PMs

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We've had a vacancy come up in our slopeside house for this event, Feb 21-24.  A private bedroom is available for all three nights with a queen bed, Fri - Sun.  For a couple in this room it would cost $250 total, this includes all meals pot luck style.  Send me a PM for details.  First come, first serve.  This is a nice place and they just got one foot of snow.  You will be sharing the house with about ten other enthusiastic snow riders.

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