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"Odds" don't really have anything to do with getting hit by a slide. There are lots of variables in avy prediction and I'd have to be a veritable Nostradmus to tell you the danger of any given day in any given winter up there. Take any avy course, travel w/ good partners and get outfitted. Besides winters are usually way too hardcore up there to be any fun, try early to mid april.
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I agree with aero. I can't imagine even wanting to ski the bowl after trudging up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail in the winter. Damn! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
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hye, yah i guess odds wasnt a good word 2 use. What i was getting at was are there days in winter when the conditions at Tucks are skiable, in terms of avalanche safty? I was there last April on the huge snow year and it was great. Also ive skied out west and love powder, so it would be great to combine the terrain of tuckermans with winter western powder, and not dieing at the same time. I cant wait to spring, im going there and to franconia notch to ski of the ridge between mt lincoln and mt layffyette.
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www.tuckerman.org has all the info you need on avalanche warnings for the area.
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