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Hello Epic Community!


It's been a while since have been on here, but in the time since I last logged on, I have traded two planks for one, changed from guest to instructor, and moved from employee to a entrepreneur.  I am glad to be back and look forward to be a part of the community. 
I wanted to invite any instructors here to make a new instructor profile at ShredBetter is a new site that is the easiest way for the skiing and riding public to find and book pros like you before they get to the mountain.
It only takes 5 minutes to get your *completely profile* started at
Unlike some other services you may be familiar with, we have designed ShredBetter around the pro.  Some of the features that may interest you include:
  • Customizable Profile Page - Customize your profile with information about you including pictures and your schedule.  You can even customize your URL for easy recall (mine is at
  • Reviews -- Get reviews and help boost your reputation that you can approve before publication.
  • Resort Search -- Have your profile appear in guest searches on a robust resort search engine on  
  • Mobile -- access your profile or get reviews right on the mountain with a fully responsive site for phones and tablets
I apologize for my first post in a long while to be somewhat promotional, but this more of a passion project than a business, and I hope that this may help the instructing community here have a bit more of a fruitful winter!
If I can answer any questions about ShredBetter or the site, please just let me know.  I read every email and will respond.  We are dedicated to making this the best winter ever for instructors and I hope you will decide to join us.