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Statin drugs & QTR

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We are working on a theory that statin use makes tendons brittle and sets a stage for tendon rupture.  I know 6, 50+ men taking statin drugs who suffered QTR during the past two years.  Taking Statins is a common denominator among this small sample.  The US FDA web site does not contain a specific warning about this contraindication.  Please report your experience, if any, to me.  Thank you.  

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I think the correct term would be "hypothesis" not "theory".


But do let us know if you get anywhere with it.

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hmmm..... Maybe there are some other commonalities. Do they all drive cars? Do they all speak English? Do they all get the majority of their sleep at night? Do they all eat breakfast in the morning?  Could it be that the other thing these folks have in common is that they're over 50, trying to do activities they did in their 30's? 


My point is that just because the sky on their planet is blue in all cases, I don't think blue sky is why they have QTR. I don't know the percentage but I would bet that there's a significant portion of the population over 50 taking statin drugs. Therefore, a significant number of QTR victims likely take statins. Taking 6 as your base sample seems statistically invalid. Judging by your screen name here, I suspect you're looking for a grouping that would later constitute a class for a suit. I think you're probably barking up the wrong tree here. I think you will likely need better statistics that provide a better corollary that relates to your theorized cause and effect. If you're able to find a more complete and reliable source, then maybe coming here fishing for class members would make more sense.


Just my opinion...

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Thanks for the heads up, Walt.  I will use hypothesis from now on.

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lhdavidson --

I'm not a big fan of statins. I was prescribed to take them years ago and stopped on my own after about 8-10 months because of adverse side effects (muscle aching and seeming to "waste away", joint pain, cravings for huge omelets and steaks, etc. After going off statins (and almost getting "fired" by my doctor), I brought my cholesterol down by changing my diet and upping my exercise regimen. I also started taking fish oil pills, and now have a great HDL/total ratio.

Having said that, I think that GoldMember has hit the nail on the head: age itself is probably the primary explanatory variable for injuries to tendons, joints, and ligaments. If you have good muscle tone and are in good cardio-shape, your muscle-memory will push you to do things you did in your 30's -- a diving catch of a fly ball, a lightening pivot in tennis -- that your tendons are no longer young/elastic enough (or warmed up enough) to do. I'm sitting here now with tendonitis in my right achilles tendon and plantar fasciitis on my left foot, both remnants of this summer's tennis season. I doubt if my brief time with statins many years ago had anything to do with either injury. I probably should have jogged the mile to the courts instead of taking the car....

Are there any studies that show a correlation between statin use and tendon injury, controlling for age?
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I'd be interested in whether the folks who've experienced QTR also had a lot of bicycling included in their common activities.
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qtr   ???

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

qtr   ???

I suppose it is Quadriceps Tendon Rupture but the term is never defined in this thread.

You could infer from the fact that statins are involved that QTR might have something to do with muscle pain or digestive problems; both known side effects of statins.

If you care to use your imagination, QTR could mean many things.

I can think of several.

Quivering Tense R.....

No wonder Asians think English is the toughest language.


I'm getting bored again and need to ski before the Christmas geek out.

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Originally Posted by dakine View Post


I'm getting bored again and need to ski before the Christmas geek out.


Just remember to remind yourself that all those people out skiing Christmas week are subsidizing your hobby.  If they didn't come out en masse every season then JB wouldn't have the money to make all that snow.


If you get out first thing in the morning it's not too bad.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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